Army Day 19 June 2016

Army Day 19 June 2016

While we celebrated one of the most important traditions in the form of Guru Purnima on 19 July 2016, we would also like to say that most of us are not aware that it is also the Indian Army Day for the year. Of course being a spiritual channel, some people might be surprised at this post but the fact of the matter is that the Army is related to the nation and its security, and the nation has been known as the Mother even in the scriptures, hence the sons and daughters of the Mother need to be appreciated.

We wish all our viewers of India a Very Happy Indian Army Day 2016


A few lines dedicated to the brave soldiers who leave their normal comforts behind to protect the nation against all odds

Here we stay in the sultry sun, the heavy rains and sometimes in the chilling cold

So that our brethren should live without any fear, we have to be fearless and bold

Come what may, we have to keep going, performing our duties to our ability best

There is hardly any time for slumber or sleep, it is a luxury to have a scanty rest

Still we are proud of the nation and see that no one harms or comes in progress way

If anyone would have any bad intentions about other Motherland, we would just slay

Even if we cannot return home, never meet our loved ones who are waiting since ages

We wish to be born again and perform this service, its the highest karma, even say the sages

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