Time to go home

Time to go home

जब चारों तरफ अंधेरा हो
मान निरशयों ने घेरा हो
तब मान में अटल विश्वास को भर
प्रार्थना कर, प्रार्थना कर


When darkness prevails and seems to be elongated like hell

When there is no respite in site, it is the sureshot sign to tell

That the tunnel is the darkest but you do not ever despair

Time and tide keep turning around, none do they spare

Despite the best preparations, you will feel one day

That your troubles are overwhelming, you cannot stay

Do not decide to leave the world, for this is utterly wrong

Life has high notes to play, even if slow is current song

There is certainly a time to go home, the Divine soul

That is your true home and base, your ultimate goal

Keep upright, keep straight, never give up so lose hope

For life has to be fought like a warrior, not lost in dope

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