The Spiritual Discussion

The Spiritual Discussion


People often engage in chatter but the Mahayogi is certainly a different breed

Beyond all the duality of maya, neither belongs to any specific caste or creed

Look at the Divine duo engrossed in spiritual discussion with so much ease

When such knowledge is obtained, the questions and dualities simply cease

Learn from the Lord on how to have a conversation of things so deep

That an ordinary person might not understand and just goto sleep

This forms the highest level of bond between Sati Parvati and Neelkanth great

Anyone who overhears this even by chance, it can simply change your fate

The story of two pigeons who got amaratva on hearing the secret and sacred story

Is still true, the hearer of this conversations gets to reach the ultimate glory

The dialogue between Shiva and Parvati is that between the creator and the soul

To reach that ultimate Divine peace is one’s main and primary motive and goal

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