Adding life to the years

Adding life to the years

Anyone who is breathing is alive. However, if you look deeper you will realise if you are just alive or you are living. In this article we will discuss how you can live a better life and feel more alive. For this you will have to start experiencing life. Life is all around us but only some of us can feel it and enjoy the joys of life.

No Life Without Problems

Life will always have its shares of problems and pains that it will keep throwing at you. Peace and joy in life can only be experienced in those moments when you have forgotten all about your pains and sorrows. This state is not easy to attain.

Focus on the Gifts

We all have been given a lot of gifts. Some by our birth and some are there in the nature itself. It is a human nature to long for things that we do not have and take the things that we have for granted. If you start taking all that you have in life for granted it will slowly leave you and go.

Instead of longing for things that you do not have, start to appreciate and love what you have around you. Everyday spend a while talking to people who have always been there for you and who love you the most. This definitely includes the parents whom we neglect and ignore the most in our lives.

Then spend some time in appreciating the things that nature gave you. The air that you breathe, the water that you drink and the food that you eat comes in this category. When you start appreciating these small things you will start to feel more alive than before.

Do it with full attention

When you are eating are you enjoying the food or you are thinking about different problems in your life. When you are eating with your family do you discuss the food and talk about it or you are busy discussing your problems and concerns with each other. God has given you the food to enjoy. When you eat concentrate on the food and how it is. Do not think of anything else. Very few of us are actually enjoying life. If you think that the richest neighbour or friend of yours is enjoying life then you are wrong.

Happiness and ability to enjoy life has nothing to do with money. Live for the moment and live it to the fullest. That you can do even without going on a holiday. We feel that enjoyment is eating out, partying with friends or going on a long holiday. Do you think these things actually make you happy? They do not. They can only give you happiness that is for the moment.

Enjoy daily life

If you enjoy the things you do on daily basis. If you spend quality time with your family you will realise that you are already enjoying life and you are happy. Thus happiness and life is about enjoying the things that you have and enjoying with people you love.Live-Fully-NowDont complain

God knows his duty. It is not your duty to change people and the things around you. God will teach lesson to those who are doing wrong and he will gift those who are doing good for others. We are not there to judge between the wrong and the right. If you are always complaining about things around you what are you getting out of it? The answer is nothing because your complaining is not going to change anything around you. It will only make you more frustrated and lead to your life getting complex.

The terrorists for example are trying to punish someone for something or change the world. Do you think they are doing a right thing? Definitely they are not. These people are not living the life at all. They do not know what being alive actually is. They feel they are serving the God by doing these killings which is definitely not true.

They are developing hatred within themselves and also among the people around them. These terrorists are wrong and they will suffer for their doings. So do not complain and waste your time in talking negative. Be happy from within. Even if you have not taken a holiday in years you can be happier than people who are going on regular holidays.

Start to appreciate things

If you need a break start to appreciate the things that you have and thank God for all that he has given you. Take an evening walk. Look at the flowers that are blooming around you. Play with a child. Spend a few hours with those who love you. These can stress you remarkably. If you think that life is a burden it will always be that way.

For many people life is a burden and they will always keep complaining about it. Does that help them in anyway. The answer is definitely no. Do not make your life miserable and torture yourself. Enjoy the moments and be happy. Smile and appreciate things. If you are always complaining people will slowly start you avid you. People will automatically get attracted towards those who have a happy spirit and can spread joy

Do not torture yourself. If you think your life is full of problems compare your life with that of others and you will slowly realise that how lucky you are compared to many. You have come to earth so that you can live and appreciate things that God has made for you and around you. You do not have any other agenda so if you think that the purpose of your life is anything other than just living then you are wrong.

Look at the Sky

Look at the beauty of the sky and the clouds that are sailing in the sky. Appreciate that flowers that has bloomed just for you. To feel nature you just need to open your eyes and stop by when you see something beautiful. Look at a child he or she will always be happy with things that they have around them.

Dont die before death

Death will come one day we cannot stop it. Do not die before death actually comes. Try to be alive and enjoy the life and the gifts that god has given you. Add life to your years in the true sense. This is something that you can achieve with meditation and regular practice of meditation.


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