From where do we get thoughts?

From where do we get thoughts?

We all have thoughts that are very irritating at times too. We are what we think. If you think positive you will eventually become a positive person and if you tend to think negative you will become a negative person. The question is what thoughts are and can we control them?

The process of thought formation

Whatever we sense with the five sense organs that God has given us becomes perception and these perceptions later become thoughts. These perceptions keep coming again and again. When your mind is free these perceptions will haunt you like thoughts. Some thoughts can be pleasant and some may not be. Sometimes thoughts will come to us even if we don’t want them to.thoughtsNinstincts

Same as instincts?

Some people think that instinct and thoughts are the same. This is however not true. Instincts are stronger and they have a solid basis thoughts do not have that. Animals are much lower than humans when it comes to evolution. They are not as intelligent and sensitive as humans are yet they have a much stronger instinct that is because they do not have a complex thought process like humans have. They are completely governed and controlled by instinct.

A dog or a cat can sense danger much better than humans because they have a very strong instinct. With the help of meditation you can learn to control your thoughts and make your instincts stronger. An animal do not need meditation to do this because they have a very simple thought process.

Humans are complex and so are our thoughts. We cannot concentrate on one thing for long. We always tend to connect what is happening now with things that have happened in the past that we have felt in our experiences. If we can make our thoughts simpler we will be able to concentrate more on the present and work on our instincts.

Survival process

Thoughts as you know can be very contradictory. For example you will think ok will it happen this way or will it happen that way. Instincts is not contradictory at all they are clear. Your instincts will clearly tell you this is what are going to happen and you know from your experience that your instincts in these matters are always right or wrong. Some people who are deep into meditation have very strong instincts. Most animals follow their instincts. That is how they survive in this world. Man is intelligent and can survive with the help of his intellect as a result we depend the least on our instincts.

Which is better: thoughts or instincts?

It is difficult to say if thoughts are higher or instincts are. Difficult to say but it is true that you need both. If your instincts are strong then they are much important than thoughts. Thoughts confuse us and delay our decisions so we can say that thoughts are not so important. When you look deeply you will find that instincts is always about the situation we are in. They are not as effective as thought.

A thought can combine the past and the present. A thought can go to any level. It can also take you to a time that you have never experienced in your life. That is why we say that thoughts can be a complete nonsense too.

The primitive man

Some experts believe that when man was in his primitive state even he used instinct as a tool to survive. As man evolved from the stone age to the modern age he made life complicated. He added too many things to his world and as a result he increased his sufferings. These sufferings transformed his instincts to thoughts and made life complex. Thought gives us a freedom but it does not give us a direction to think. We suffer more because thoughts confuse us.

Just forget about the thoughts and let the instincts control you. You will notice that it is giving you more clarity. When you have a situation look at it from your heart you will always find the right solution. Brain is complex and it gives rise to thoughts that can confuse us. If you follow your instincts you will always live a better life.

Depending on instinct

For example if you doubt that you husband is cheating on you instead of thinking and trying to imagine things just go by your instinct. Maybe it will help you. When you have to take a life changing decision like a marriage or a career try to follow your instincts alone. Maybe you will be able to take a better decision. The decision may at that time seem very stupid and some people may criticize your decision too but what you do is just follow your heart.

A human baby if you notice you will realise still follows the instincts as a result they are happy and they know exactly what they want and when. It is their instinct that helps them to recognise the parents and to survive this new world that they see after birth. They know how to suck the nipple and they also know how much milk they need. No one teaches them how to breathe and how to cry when they want something.

Even as a new mother no matter what books you has read and what your friends have told you there will be a natural instinct that you will follow. You will realise that you are able to handle the baby better if you follow your motherly instinct and not what is written in the rule book. The bonding between a new mother and a baby is a perfect example to prove how human instinct is always stronger than thoughts.

Developing instinct

With the help of meditation you can easily develop your instincts more. Meditation will help you to understand who you actually are and take you closer to your inner being. When this happens you will be able to understand the thought process better and as a result you will be able to control your own thoughts. If you can control your thoughts you will definitely be able to live a much better and happier life. That is free of anxieties.

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