A Brief Idea of Palmistry

A Brief Idea of Palmistry

A study of the palm is a very popular stream in astrology. The art is an old one and has been practiced in many countries across the world. We all are born with a destiny of our own. It is said that the destiny is embedded in our palms. In the form of the lines on our palms, there are lot of theories that have analysed these. Palmistry

Many also believe that we make our own destiny. We are now going to discuss about palms and the mysterious lines. Some astrologers believe that these lines on our palms change with time and as we grow up. Some believe it is not so it always remains the same. Whatever the concepts maybe there are some thumb rules about these that will never change.

The shape of a hand and the fingers also say a lot about the person. Someone with slender fingers is more artistic than people who have fingers that are short. People with short and broad hands are more practical and good with money. It is said that the ones who have dark palm lines are more decisive and hard working. Light palm lines signify lethargy and fickle mindedness. Palms also tell a lot about our health. People with pale hands have less of blood and haemoglobin in their body and might also be anaemic.

There are three major lines on a palm- heart line, life line and head line. There are some more small lines like sun line, marriage line, love line, etc. For females the right hand is read and for men the left. If you notice closely you will find that moth these hands have visible differences.

The heart line starts from the little finger and goes toward the index finger. The lines are indicated in the picture attached. The life line mostly shows how our health will be. A strong and not disturbed life line is for those who will have a healthy and hassle free life. If the life line breaks that may indicate some severe accident or suffering. The head line as the name states indicates mental strength and intelligence. A prominent headline shows that the person will be intelligent.

The heart line shows how soft hearted and emotional one is. The heart line if disturbed Is not a good sign. The fate line symbolizes the kind of a professional life that we would be having and how successful we will be. Sun line shows the money that we will make and also fame. The pattern of each of these lines show how strong and successful each aspect of these would be in our lives.

As the image shows we do have a few mounts in our hands. Each mount signify a planet and how strong the influence of the planet is in our life. Mount of Venus is the most prominent one it signifies relationships and emotions. People with strong Venus will have good marriages and family life. The mount of Jupiter signifies authority and a sense of achievement, so people who have this strong are generally very successful in whatever they do.

The mount of Saturn shows how well we can handle responsibilities. People with weak Saturn will generally be very irresponsible. The mount of sun is a very important mount. It shows how well we can create wealth and also be creative in our nature. Many artists and business men generally have strong mount of Sun. The mount of mercury is strong for all those who are good with communication and
influencing people. Good sales men and political figures have this strong. The mount of moon if strong makes people very independent and influences them to be free. The mount of mars, the last one in the list but definitely very important it signifies energy and aggressiveness, People with strong mars can be physically very strong. Many athletes have these strong. Based on how strong each mount is people are suggested stones in Vedic astrology just to ensure that the planets are made a little more strong or weak as per the requirement.

Each stone represents each planet. These are the various lines on our palms that signify different things; we as they say is a product of what our palms make us or perhaps it can also be the other way round that we make our own palm lines.

This is so because the hardworking people have deep lines compared to people with light palm lines. Interesting yes but this is just an overview. The more you get into it the more interesting this will get. Hope this will help you to read your palm better.

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