All About Taurus Sun Sign

All About Taurus Sun Sign

If you know someone who was born between 21st April 2012 and 21st May 2012, then he or she is a Taurus. Symbolized by a bull, the sign is considered one of the most aggressive and physically violent sign in the zodiac cycle. However, let me tell you never judge the book by the cover. The bull may surprise you will some gentle and soft behaviour at times.

They can also be very humorous and keep cracking jokes. Well they are the most misunderstood sign too. We will now discuss more about this interesting zodiac sign and how it influences men and women.

Taurus men or women have intellectual strengths. They can easily take decisions and manage people well. They can be good bosses to work with as they don’t show favouritism and are very open to opinion and suggestions. They believe in making people grow and give them opportunities. However, they cannot take lethargy and indiscipline.

If you have a Taurus boss ensure that you do what he tells you on time. Punctuality is most appreciated by this sign. No matter what relationship you are in with a Taurus. You can be rest assured that you can depend on them. They will never cheat you or try to double cross you. These are too demeaning things to do for a May born.Taurus

Another Taurus trait that may surprise you out of your wits, especially after knowing the sign they are symbolized by- Bull. The quality is a golden heart, a heart that beats for others. Even a slight pain suffered can make the Bull react. All will swear by the fact that the bull that looks so aggressive and tough from outside have a heart of gold and that is so soft that it will leave you absolutely touched.

All women out there who are in a relationship with a Taurus man may find this interesting that the man they are getting married to is absolutely trust worthy and will always guard and love them with all heart. Now, as we already said that Taurus is symbolized by the bull. There must me some reason behind this. Well Taurus is a very short tempered sign.

As a bull loses his temper easily and when it is angry it refuses to see what it is destroying. Anything that comes in front of the bull will be destroyed when he is angry. The same happens to a Taurus men and women. They can get physically aggressive easily. They can break anything that comes in front of them when they are fuming with anger. They are physically stronger than many other signs that we know of. This might be a very negative trait that you will have to deal with if you know a Taurus very closely.

Well as we all know all human beings are a package no one is tailor made here. There are plus and minus that we all have and that has to be accepted and dealt with. If you really care about someone you will have to accept them for what they are. These are few things that we could list about a Taurus.

There are much more things to know and explore. Happy knowing this interesting zodiac sign aptly known as the “Taurus”.

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