The Mount of Sun: An Introduction – Part I

The Mount of Sun: An Introduction – Part I

The mount of sun is located near the heart line and below the finger of Apollo as indicated in the diagram alongside. To make it even simpler it is found at the base of the ring finger. It is clearly one of the most significant mounts in our palm and plays a vital role in astrology. The higher the mount is the stronger it is considered to be. If it is the highest mount in your hand then this will be your strongest mount and vice versa.

The Mount of Sun

The Mount of Sun

The mount of sun also indicates the love of a person for nature and beautiful things in life. They also have an eye for details which makes them artists. It is also found in different colors, some have it bright red some have it a little pinkish etc. now that you know how to locate it and understand if it is strong or not we will now take you into more details of this mount.

What exactly does a strong or a weak sun line indicate and why is it so important. Well the answer is that this mount indicates the success of the individual and the heights that he or she may attain in a life time. The stronger this mount is the stronger the person will have chance to succeed and do well in life.

The celebrities and world famous personalities generally have a strong mount of sun as it brings success in whatever you do. If you don’t have a strong sun line you don’t need to loose heart there are many other mounts in the palm like the mount of Jupiter and the mount of Venus that too play a supporting role to this mount and can bring success and recognition to the person.

Many famous artists and musicians have strong mount of sun. The stronger this mount is the more successful and famous the person becomes. Some people have this mount a little pink in color as a result they are considered as born genius and they have some artistic ability that takes them to great height in life. They also have an optimistic approach to life and are warm and full of life all the time. As the color becomes light from bright pink these qualities also diminish accordingly.

A well-developed mount of sun indicates that the person will be good natured and honest in his dealings. They can be trusted easily and have a lot of respect. Fame comes easily to people with strong mount of sun. Well as everything has a plus and minus similarly is the case with the mount of sun. If someone has it stronger than required in that case the people become very snobbish and as a result they don’t get along with others easily. They don’t make many friends and also fail to live a happy family life.

There are some people who don’t have this mount at all as a result they are considered dull and they live a very ordinary life. They fail in whatever new they try in spite of hard work. They get attracted wrong people and low class company as a result they end up spoiling their lives. This proves that this mount is very important and can make a huge difference to the life of people.

We have so far discussed about the size and the color of the mount of sun. Let us now discuss another vital aspect of it. The inclination of this mount, what happens if this mount is slightly inclined towards other mounts like the mount of mercury then such people become very strong and successful businessmen. If the mount of sun is inclined towards the mount of Saturn then the person becomes short tempered and aggressive they also become extravagant and take wrong decisions in life. Sometimes this mount can also be inclined towards mount of Venus.

Sometimes the mount of sun has some lines and patterns appearing on it. If the line is a single one then the person will have one career and will do very well in it. If there are two lines on the mount then the person might have two talents. If these are conflicting talents then the person will not be able to achieve much in life. On the contrary if the lines are sister lines then the person will become successful while he pursues any of the two.

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