What Aura Do You Have?

What Aura Do You Have?

Aura is an energy that surrounds us. It is also called or known as the vibration of the body it belongs to. It cannot be seen and thus many believe that it does not even exist. However that is not true. It does exist and we all have an aura of our own.

It may be positive, negative, and even golden. The Aura around us emits good and bad vibrations. It does hold good even for objects that does not have life. Like a house a place etc. They all have vibrations and auras around them that tell a lot about the past they had and the kind of future they might see. Just before the twin towers collapsed on 9/11. A Vedic astrologer who visited that place said that the towers were emitting strange vibrations that were not a good sign.

Personally I am sure you all must have felt good and bad vibrations in some form or the other. There are some people who can make you feel positive and strong whereas there are some who might make you feel negative and you would not like to meet them again. A person with positive aura emits a positive vibration and vice versa.

After you take a shower then for some seconds you feel light and weak that is because your aura vanishes when you get in touch with water and it again comes back in second’s time. The pictures of Jesus and Buddha are painted with a halo at the back or on top of their head. This is nothing but the aura.

Golden aura is associated with spirituality. Children and babies have stronger and pure auras compared to grownups. It is believed that babies can see auras of others easily. That is exactly why they like some people and not others. Even animals are believed to be sensitive to auras and can recognise them fast. The colour of an aura tells a lot about the person and their moods. The colour is not permanent it keeps changing.  By reading the aura of a person you can say if they are suffering from a life threatening disease or they are going to get one soon. The spiritual gurus should have a golden aura around them. If they don’t then they cannot be considered as spiritual.

In today’s materialistic world most of us don’t have a strong aura as we are selfish and not modest. Even adults can see an aura. What you need to do is to keep the person whose aura you want to study in front of a white cloth. Slowly illuminate the background. Now concentrate on the centre of the forehead for some seconds and then you will be able to see the colour of the aura. The more you concentrate the better you will be able to see the aura that surrounds the person. If you close your eyes for some seconds you will see only the aura. It requires a lot of concentration and skill to study auras.

Auras can be of different colours and shades. Each signify a different meaning. This are some points that we wanted to share about aura and the studies that have gone into this field. This is definitely an interesting aspect of all that makes the universe and makes it work.

All of us have own strengths and vibrations. Now that you know why you feel negative or positive you can work on cleansing your aura and making your life better and more peaceful from within and around. After all it is also called the spiritual signature.

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