A Zodiac Sign: Aries

A Zodiac Sign: Aries

Aries is the very first sign in the zodiac cycle. The symbol
is a Ram. Governed by the enigmatic planet Mars. The element that controls it is fire. The people who are born between 21st day of March and 20th day of April are ruled by this zodiac sign. As per Vedic astrology that determines the zodiac sign based on the planetary positions at the time of birth considers the zodiac sign as Aries if the person was born under the influence of the planet Mars.

The most interesting sign in the zodiac cycle is a Ram, perhaps it is the best way we can describe these March born. The animal Ram first appeared in Egypt. Its origin is a mystery; no one actually knows how they evolved into what they are today. This is used to symbolise Aries, this is done because the Aries is an animal that likes to climb high mountains.

It is adventurous and has very high level of energy just like an Aries. It is also referred to as the infant sign as it marks the beginning of the zodiac cycle.

Let’s first start with the positives that can be associated with this sign. Aries is very dynamic and quick witted. Aries can talk well and talk sense. They are intelligent and adventurous in nature. They like to be free. Ideas come to them naturally. They like to climb higher in life slowly and gradually. They take measured steps. They work hard towards their goal.

They will not get demoralized easily. Yes their frequent impatience can be an area of concern at times. Leadership qualities of an Aries are commendable they seldom use their subordinates to reach their goals. They set goals for others to achieve. Taking charge of a situation comes to them from birth. Maybe the symbol of ram has something to do with it. They have some energy level that cannot
be matched. They can toil for hours without a sign of tiredness. This may make them difficult to please as a boss.

Aries are frank, and I really mean it. When in a personal relationship you should be prepared for frank and absolutely direct remarks. This may be sometime a little difficult to take. Aries are known for sexual urges.

In case you are with an Aries man. You can be rest assured that you are perhaps with one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac cycle. Aries men know the art of romance and they do it well. They can simply sweep you off your feet. The magic is unbelievable and it even becomes stronger due to the fact that Aries men are generally very handsome and good looking. They have the tendency to flirt around but once married they are faithful to their wives.  If you are in a personal relationship with an Aries man you will have to prepared for some daredevil acts that he will do from time to time just for the sake of a bet or maybe just for the joy of adventure.

As a husband they are nice and understanding. They will definitely be caring and absolutely wonderful with the kids. They are the best parents in the zodiac cycle as they are very devoted in this role. Another challenge with Aries is that they never accept their mistakes easily. It is a little irritating for the other person to take at times.

Aries have proved themselves in all those professions that challenge their own limits. Whether it is sports, outer space or even medical science for that matter, they have broken records and pioneered new ideas. It takes them a little longer than others to find their subject of interest as they are restless. However, once they have realised what they want in life no one or no force can stop them from achieving it. Such is the spirit of Aries.

They can suffer from diseases of the head. Like migraine, depression and nervous disorders, etc. They are compatible with many signs. However, they are paired best with Libra and Aries itself. This is so as these signs have the same energy and passion as an Aries which helps them to get along well in life. The compatibility with Taurus and cancer is absolutely a no. However, love follows no rules it might be possible that an Aries can get along with a Taurus too as in a relationship there are many more factors than zodiac signs.

The Aries should wear the colour red for success and growth. This is why the stone ruby is considered the birth stone for this sign. Diamond is also suggested for people born under this sign. Tuesday is generally the day when an Aries should try a new venture. Number nine is a lucky number for the Aries. If you are a little superstitious then try to do all the important work on the 9th day of a month or even on a date that adds up to nine.

This will bring success and growth to you. It may make things smoother and hassle free. It is the destiny number for an Aries. This is a very basic brief into the character of an Aries. This should help you to understand that why an Aries behave and react the way he or she reacts. It is a basic guide. It might match bang on with some and might show close resemblance to few. The reason might be that the person is a cusp or has a stronger moon sign that has a better influence on the person.

The sign in a dynamic and a very influential one, this write up should help you to understand them better and make your relationships more successful. One thing that you have to always bear in mind while dealing with an Aries is that never offend them. They remember offence and grudges can also be life-long. If this is taken care of it will be a smooth sail with any Aries.

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