Sages n Seers: Human Vs Others

Sages n Seers: Human Vs Others

Human Beings: Just Another Species or Special?

When such a sight comes before the eye

To live on, one species makes the other die

Tiger Hunting Prey

Tiger Hunting Prey

One is forced to think about the balance of nature

Whether human race is unique or just another creature

For there are people more vicious than this jungle king

At least just for enjoyment animals don’t kill or any harm bring

Some humans don’t even think twice before causing harm to another

Does not matter if the other person is even a friend, relative or brother

What the sages define as “human” is something very exalted and pure

One who could suffer for others, and not bring deliberate suffering for sure

The theory of Darwin might be good for the civilization to explain its growth



Yet survival of the fittest is not what a civilized society would bring forth

An ideal human world is one where everyone has a space

Each human is given a comfortable life, without the enigma trace

For those who are “special” even need a special treat

And to achieve such a state is certainly no easy a feat

Let us united in making the world really human and bright

Otherwise we cant say we are the higher species and have the survival right

Animals just out of basic instinct kill and sometimes fight

Yet they do not have enmity for reasons so petty and slight

Only humans have this tendency to hide emotions and appear cool

While waiting for opportunity to harm others and to make them a fool

Yet in the Divine vision, no one will escape the law of karma no matter how clever

Just be clean, pure and live life, and let others live, base your life on this principle ever

For temporarily you might seem you have succeeded and are a winner

Yet in the eyes of the Supreme Force, you are labeled surely as a sinner

The only way to be real human is to be full of peace, love, compassion and being kind

Thing is in the current era, such a real “human” is bit of a rare find

So what is the answer to the question, are humans just a species or something unique

For how many would we find who would offer upon being hit their second cheek

The answer as per me is, yes despite all the flaws humans are still the best

Just because of a special few, who stand tall and save the image of us, the rest

Such humans even rare are still there in every age, every region and sect

They are known as the sages and seers, and are the example perfect

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