A Zodiac Sign: Leo

A Zodiac Sign: Leo

Leo is perhaps the most royal sign in the zodiac cycle. Anyone who is born between 23rd of July and 22nd of August is a Leo by their sun sign. In India we follow Vedic astrology. In this the time of birth is taken to make the horoscopes.

So people who are born under the influence of the sun are considered to be a Leo by moon sign. Sun is the ruling planet of this sign and it is the fifth sign in the zodiac cycle.

The basic characteristics of a Leo are that they are dominating, royal and they have good taste.  The sign is influenced immensely by sun so they are associated to courage; they like to be independent and are born leaders. They are strong willed by nature and don’t get subdued by adversities.

They always fight back. They are also considered to be intelligent; they make good decisions and are also very caring by nature. They like to hold on to traditions and are a little slow to accept change. Like every coin that has two sides, even Leos have a list of negative traits. They are arrogant and don’t like to be ordered, they can be self centered at times and get carried away by false praises.

This makes them snobbish and not approachable at times. Leos are moody and can be quite lazy too. Leo is also associated with anger; they are generally short tempered and can also get physically violent. Leo is the only sign where the person can come across as a very calm and peaceful one from outside, but they can be very fierce within.

It’s just like the hidden claws of a lion. If you can’t see them don’t believe they are not there. If a calm Leo is harmed or feels danger it will not take him or her long time to show their claws. Professionally they do well as they are sincere and they do their responsibilities with all their heart. Leos do well in politics and foreign services.

Their noble behavior makes them very successful in these fields. Any profession that has a class and requires finesse is a Leo’s cup of tea. They have immense organizational skills and they are good with words and communication. Their straight forward and no  nonsense nature make them good administrators.

In case you are in love with a Leo you can be rest assured that you will never be cheated. Leos are known for their giving
nature so you will always be at the receiving end. Leos are generally good parents and they are very fond of kids.

Leo mothers are very protective about their cubs. Leos are recommended to wear ruby, it helps to calm down Leos and make them less violent. Leo is the sign of royalty so the color that suits them is golden. It brings them luck and success. This is more or less a summary of all that you should or need to know about a Leo. I hope you found this article of help.

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