A Zodiac Sign: Gemini

A Zodiac Sign: Gemini

It is the third sign in the zodiac cycle. It is represented by twins. If you are born between 22nd May and 21st June you will have the sun sign of Gemini. In India we calculate moon sign as per the planetary positions at the time of birth. In case you were born under the influence of planet mercury your moon sign will be Gemini irrespective of the month you were born. Whether moon sign or sun sign, Gemini is a powerful zodiac sign.

The ruling planet of Gemini is mercury. Mercury is associated with youth; as a result Gemini’s always look years younger to their age. They are restless by nature; all people born under this sign are very naughty as kids. The symbol of twins was aptly selected for
Gemini as people born under this sign are supposed to have dual personalities.

Whereas some say this symbol is used as the people born with this sign are very good with multi tasking, they can easily do dual roles at the same time, they are adaptable and can easily fit in any role. They like to talk, socialize, and off course do many things at one time.

The element- air controls the sign. This makes them intellectual, good with words, and ideas come to them naturally. There are hardly any problems in life that a person born under this sign cannot solve with their intelligence and swift thinking. If you are a Gemini, remember that you are very compatible with air signs. Your partner or boy friend should be a Libran or an Aquarian. You will always have a very smooth relationship with these signs.

The negatives that are associated with Gemini are many, they are nervous and get tensed easily, they are hard core practical and don’t follow their heart this makes them cunning at times. They cannot focus on one thing for long this makes them inconsistent. They don’t
like routine life and they just cannot stay alone. They need company all the time.

Now that we know the negatives and positives, what are the professions that a Gemini can do well. The most important thing about the career you choose is that it should be challenging and keep you on the move. You will not be able to do a boring job for long. A Gemini
can become good salesmen, writers, businessmen as the sign makes you good with money. Another interesting fact here, this sign make you very clever and quick as a result a Gemini can become a good thieve.

Private detective is also a good profession for this sign as they have a natural inquisitiveness about things happening around them.

Green is the lucky color for Gemini. Agate is good for the health of a Gemini as they suffer from circulatory problems and also reduce depression. Emerald is also recommended for Gemini due to its color.

These are some basic things that you must know about yourself if you are a Gemini. This article will also have great help other signs who want understand a Gemini better.

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