A Zodiac Sign: Libra

A Zodiac Sign: Libra

Libra is the most special sign in the zodiac cycle. It is the seventh sign in the zodiac cycle. It is considered to be very desirable I astrology. The people born under this sign are considered to be the privileged ones. This is so as the sign comes in the peak time of the year, the time when the farmers reap their harvest and get paid for all the hard work.

It is one of the best and the most elegant signs in the zodiac cycle. The symbol of Libra is scales. Interestingly it is the only sign in the cycle that neither represents an animal or human being. Anyone born between 24th day of September and 23rd day of October is a Libran by sun sign.

As per Vedic astrology in India the time of birth determines the moon sign. So in case you are born under the influence of the planet Venus you will be a Libran by moon sign. Whether it is a sun or moon sign People born under the influence of Venus have the enclosed traits.

The positive traits of a Libran are that they are always diplomatic; the symbol of scale makes them balanced. They always analyze all the aspects of a situation, they are rarely judgmental. They are romantic by nature and charming this makes them a good partner for life.

Librans are easy going people they don’t take things to heart easily. They make great pals and have a lot of friends. As every sign have its good and bad. Even Libra too has a list of negative traits. They are indecisive and generally procrastinate a lot. They are fickle minded and can be influenced by a stronger person easily. They are generally considered flirts and they don’t settle down
easily or fast.

Librans generally have an artistic orientation. They are generally very idealistic and don’t do wrong to people. So in case you are in a relationship with a Libran, it is rest assured that you will never be treated unfairly. They are good companions. However, when it
comes to love they are considered more compatible with air signs and Gemini is considered to be the best partner for a Libran.

The profession that suits Libran is in finance, fashion designing, writers, etc. They can be trusted with others money. Librans can be good speculators too. They have a thing for philanthropy and can be very good with social welfare activities. Mahatma Gandhi was a

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus. The color that is considered lucky for the Librans is blue. Sapphire is the stone that is recommended for Librans. It has healing properties that can help Librans with health and luck.

In case you want to know about Librans and their characteristics. This article might be of great help to you. I don’t say
that all Librans will be like that mentioned. However, these are the basic traits that Librans have, some may have more of these and some less that’s all.

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