A Zodiac Sign: Virgo

A Zodiac Sign: Virgo

The sixth sign in the zodiac cycle. It is represented by a woman. It is a strong sign. Any one born between 23rd August and 22nd September is considered a Virgo by sun sign. In Hindu astrology where the sign of a child is determined from the time of birth, one born under the influence of planet mercury you will be a Virgo.

They are ruled by the element earth. Many people associate Virgo as a delicate sign. However, it is not true. Just because it is symbolized by a woman it does not mean that it is a weak sign. The people born as Virgo are generally very strong willed and they live life on their terms. They are generally very balanced by nature and are not judgmental.

They can do very well in their careers as they like perfection and want all things perfect in the first go itself. They are also very good with executing orders.  Another misconception about Virgo is that they are virgins as they are symbolism by one. Well this is definitely wrong. Some Virgos are very flirty and have many relationships in one life.

They are generally very practical and don’t get carried away easily. Humility is also a very common trait of Virgos. This makes them very strong business men and women as the decisions they take are always precise. They can make money well and collect huge riches in one lifetime. However, they must have done it honestly for sure. They have a heart for the poor and are always there to help others. Hygiene and health is a primary concern for any Virgo.

They take good care of their house that they live in and their health. This makes them fit and keep them in the prime of health always. You will never get a Virgo who neglects health. They can also give anyone a good deal of knowledge on health and hygiene. They always involve in jogging and activities that keep them physically fit.

Their sharp mind and their eye for detail make them food employees and help them do very well in their careers. These characters are common for both men and women. However, there are few things like Virgo men are romantic and they are very dedicated when they are in a relationship and give their best. As husbands they are very sweet and can be great companions. Virgo women are head strong and like to call the shots. Virgo kids are very sensitive and must be dealt with a lot of extra care and attention. A harsh word can
leave a bad impression on them for a life time.

Like all other signs even Virgo has a list of negatives to it. They may seem very cold and unfriendly. They also lack sensitivity at times. They have this very agonising habit of criticizing people and not getting satisfied easily.

I hope after reading this you will know more about the sun sign Virgo. It will definitely help you to understand a Virgo man or woman much better.

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