Role of Firoza in Astrology as a Gem

Role of Firoza in Astrology as a Gem

Firoza is a beautiful blue coloured stone that is very commonly used in Indian astrology. The stone is often used in making jewellery. Salman Khan is always seen wearing a bracelet with Firoza. In astrology Fizora is worn for the planet Venus. Venus is the planet that rules love in our life. The best of Firoza is found in Turkey. In ancient cultures Firoza was a symbol of wealth and luxury. Some countries even today believe that Firoza can cure a lot of diseases. It can open all the chakras in our body and helps to heal us. It can play a very vital role for both mental and physical health of a person. Firoza is called Turquoise in English.

Should not change colour/Unbroken

It is said that if the colour of Firoza changes or it breaks it means that the person wearing it is going to get into some trouble. The danger can be of a calamity or infedility. In the olden days Firoza was worn by people holding high position in the administration. Firoza helped the wearer to become humble.

We will now discuss some of the advantages of wearing Firoza:

  1. It is supposed to give peace of mind.
  2. It can open the chakras of the body and take us forward on the path of spiritualism.
  3. It can help to ensure that the wearer does not suffer from mood swings.
  4. It keeps all the negative energies and evil spirits away.
  5. Firoza can also help the mind to think better and work towards making more wealth.
  6. Some astrologers believe that Firoza can help us to deal with any disease related to the mind.
  7. The Firoza represents the planet Venus, thus anyone who is wearing the Firoza can get lucky in love. It is often recommended to those who are facing a reversal in their love life. It can prove to be lucky in love.
  8. As Firoza can absorb the evil vibrations around us it is also worn by people who suffer from bad nazar or buri-drishti.
  9. Firoza is a symbol of friendship and gets faithful friends into the lives of the wearer.
  10. Firoza is a symbol of courage and hope.
  11. Another advantage of Firoza is that it can make the wearer more sensitive in his or her thinking process. Basically makes the person more compassionate.
  12. Firoza has the ability to make a person look more attractive and thus help to improve love life.
  13. Firoza can remove bad luck and improve overall prosperity and wealth of the person wearing it.
  14. Firoza can make a person more creative and come up with better ideas.
  15. Many people who are not able to get a compatible partner wear a Firoza. It ensures that the person gets married soon.
  16. Some astrologers also recommend Firoza for people who want to get success in career and jobs.
  17. Anyone who wants to get quick fame in life can wear Firoza. It works on getting attention and helps people to get noticed.
  18. Many artists can also wear a Firoza. For example Salman Khan is always wearing a Firoza in his bracelet. It can help an artist to perform better and gain popularity.
  19. If there is compatibility problem between married couples or unmarried couples Firoza can help to solve these differences. Making the relationship more harmonious.
  20. If a person is feeling low in confidence then Firoza can help to gain confidence and become stronger as well as honest.

These are some of the common befnifits of wearing a Firoza. If you are recommended by an astrologer only then wear the stone. However, it is the birth stone or lucky stone for Saggitarius and they can wear it without any recommendation from astrologers.

Some of the diseases where Firoza can be helpful are:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Headache
  4. Migraine
  5. Throat infection
  6. Frequent fevers
  7. Issues with female reproductive system
  8. Acidity
  9. Asthma
  10. High blood pressure
  11. Dental problems.
  12. It is very effective for depression
  13. Heart related problems

The Firoza can calm the mind thus people who tend to get angry easily can use this stone. It can make them feel happy and at peace from within. Firoza can be worn with silver, copper or gold. It must be worn on any day that is auspicious for the wearer. It is worn after taking bath. You must wash it with milk, water and Ganga jal before wearing. Always better to pray or do a little puja of the Firoza.

Seek blessings of the divine to ensure that the Firoza works well for you and full fills all your desires. If you are wearing it for love related issues try to spray a good perfume on the Firoza at least once a week. Always wear the Firoza after taking bath in the morning. You can wear it as a pendent, ring or even a bracelet. Before you make it into a jewellery check with the astrologer what size you should wear and will be good for you.

Firoza is found in many parts of the world. The original ones are available at a very good price in countries like Israel, Tibet, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Israel. You can also find it in Siberia, Africa and Europe.  In case you are visiting any of these countries try to pick up a Firoza at the best possible price from there. We hope that this article will help the readers to understand the importance of Firoza and how they can use it for maximum benefit.  

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