Who is a True Dog Lover?

Who is a True Dog Lover?

Many people say they are dog lovers but are they really so

Is it good enough to buy expensive dogs who shine n glow

What about adopting a pet from the street who is starved

Then only it will be visible from which stone are you carved

Caring for dogs who are from top breeds is not bad

But think about those who are deprived, lonely and sad

If you bring home even one such lonely longing soul

And you take care with all efforts and make it whole

You will gain so much good karma you cannot think

That will give you happiness beyond any drink

There are hundreds of dogs who suffer and die

They are so innocent not the least evil or sly

They are just like angels who will always be there

Will give all the affection in return for a little care

So remember the next time you want to buy a dog

You can rescue one from heat, cold and fog

Make it like your family member and just see

It will be great delight not merely a glee

For animals never forget what you do

In all thick and thin they will see you through

It will help to reduce the suffering of life

The blessings you gain will also cut your strife

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