Iron Will Personified: Fidel Castro

Iron Will Personified: Fidel Castro



Leaders are many, very powerful and full of might

Yet only a few shine like a burning sun so bright

He was a personification of determination and iron will

What he achieved was none less than a climb up a steep hill

Fighting literally all alone with the powers that be in this Earth

It requires a very special person who as gift of courage by birth

For we the ordinary mortals will just shirk the very thought

We often tend to give up when things around tend to get hot

Yet only a few have the courage to succeed despite all odds

Hundreds of attempts to take his life by all means & frauds

Yet he lived to the ripe old age of 90, proving all is in His hand

If HE does not want, no power can even just bend your hair strand

Let us take a lesson from his life and remember what he taught

Never to give up against all odds, he always stood and fought

We should be like this person, always full of life and zeal

If you want to succeed just forget the past, let your wounds heal

Work hard and success will lie at your feat asking for a ride

It is at such time that you can take success in your stride

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