To Allah We Belong: To Allah We Shall Return

To Allah We Belong: To Allah We Shall Return


He is the creator, the preserver and the destroyer

He takes the form of light as well as illuminating fire

To Allah we belong and to Allah we shall all return

Whether they cremate us, bury us or just burn


Allah here refers not to a specific religion but The Almighty

It could be Lord Jesus, Ek Onkar, Yahweh or any Deity

The Holy Quran or the Gita teach basically the same fact

Creator can only be reached by sincerity, not by any tact

Just bow humbly to the Supreme Power in full faith

See how the Universe will shape you like a perfect lathe

Everything will be possible if you just believe in God

Just make sure you do it truthfully, not for any fraud

It is a privilege to get absorbed in the very own source

For their is nothing ever greater than this universal force

Dust thou are and to dust thou shall return say another Saint

Whichever faith you look at, the same picture the sages paint

So why are you just fighting, quarreling in the name of dharma

Just be a true karam yogi, just honestly do your own karma

Ishwar, Allah, God, Khuda and what not are His names

The world is just His playground, life is just a theatre of games

So let us enjoy while we are still here and have the time

Be a human first, and help spread some cheer and chime

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