Siblings: The Special Relationship

Siblings: The Special Relationship

Life is a celebration of relations and there are so many of them in life

There are parents, kids, uncles, aunts, friends, husband and wife

Yet there are relations which stand out for they are beyond compare

Which are even about fighting, quarreling, not only of love and care


They are known as siblings as it is one of the most beautiful relation

They are like heaven as if they are the Almighty God’s very own creation

Brothers and sisters are beyond compare, they are the strongest pillars

They are also the best companions, and the most wanted thrillers

There are quarrels and there are fights, for that is the basis of affection

Very few relations can match the level of this intense attraction

Those who have a brother or sister who is so near and dear

That they can divulge anything to them, without the slightest fear

Tag them in this poem and show them that you have that much love

Be it a tiger like fighting brother, or an innocent sister like a dove

It could be the other way round, sisters can be devil’s incarnation so pure

You might be having a tough time, only you know how you constantly endure

Yet admist all this hue and cry, they are the ones who you will miss the most

Just waiting for the next time you meet them, when you will have a toast

Share this if you believe, that your siblings are best in this world for all times

On seeing them you instantly burst into joy, they just ring the happy chimes

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