Way to Stop: DIY First

Way to Stop: DIY First

Whenever you eat meat, just remember this image of an innocent child

Hope you have that much of a heart that at least it is shaken even if mild

The child cries out for his mother, who might have already been eaten

To stop this calf from crying, he is brutally tied up and badly beaten


Before he sees the life force exit the body, he has to bear torture immense

On seeing all this, do you have any urge to eat meat, does it make any sense

All the protests in the world, cannot stop factories of meat, only if we dont eat

It is the same cow which we consider sacred, we also touch her feet

It is same for all animals for every life has the same experience of pain

To satisfy our taste buds, dont know how many animals are daily slain

If we take a vow, not to touch meat again, we dont have to do anything more

Slaughter houses will come to a standstill when meat just remains in store

Stop for a while and experience the joy you will feel from such restraint of taste

Your tongue will soon enjoy veg food, your taste buds wont surely go waste

You will get all the energy and vitamins even from the veg food so green

Just see how your mind, body and soul will shine like a crystal sheen

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