Har Har Mahadev: Rishikesh

Har Har Mahadev: Rishikesh


Just feel the serenity and solitude of this holy place

It is only at such monuments that you can get the Grace

Away from the hustle and bustle its time to dive bit deep

Just remove from your mind, the thoughts present in heap

Lord Shiva can be seen and felt in this peaceful retreat

Take out time to visit, away from your busy city & street

There are several abodes of Shankar, this is near Rishikesh dham

Just bow to the Lord with reverence, just say your sashtang pranam

You will find a new energy which will infuse in you for a long time

It is an experience which you cant explain, only feel so sublime

Jai Bhole Shankar, Jai Mahadev just bless us to be a bit like you

Just give us your Divine strength, when tribulation we go through

The darshan of this holy place is sufficient to bring misery to end

You will gain immense benefits, bow with faith, dont just pretend


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