Demonetization, Modi & MMS: The Spiritual Perspective

Demonetization, Modi & MMS: The Spiritual Perspective

Each person is unique, to compare them is not right

Everyone has their own struggles, and their own fight

We cannot say one is superior or inferior to the other

So before you point out any fingers, think o ye brother

Circumstances in each case are different each & every time

There are subtle differences which are very minute so sublime

This is the funda you should apply even in your everyday life

Do not compare your life, your kids, parents, siblings or wife

If you learn to see that every person is unique creation of above

Everyone has strengths and flaws, be it a tiger, eagle or a dove

The beauty of this world is in its variety, normal would be so bore

You never know what will happen in the future, what exactly is in store

So just be happy? in the present, do not say either him or her was better

Your such comments could hurt anyone, they could cry, get discouraged or shatter

In this hope I am writing these few lines, just consider it as an open letter modi_mms

You never know what life will serve you, in a rotten tray or a silver platter

So let who is in power do his work, you do yours, if you dont agree just vote

But only when the right time comes, for now you can just exchange your old note

Sometimes it is better to go with the flow, why bother about what you cannot change

To stop what is happening might be something which might seem with a reachable range

Yet many things happen in life, when you dont have control, and you just cant anything do

Will you protest if your loved one is taken by God, or any health tribulation you go through

Why we make such a protest at something which is very miniscule just for the sake of noise

Just remember most of the people out there are having their own interests, not in your voice

I am not supporting or opposing either side, everyone in power will do their karma

Let time decide what is good or bad, it will tell who is on the side of dharma

Consider the higher things of life, do not let your mind be stuck by these things so small

For those who are inticing you are mostly looking to put forth their pictures in the fame hall

Let it happen and if you feel that it is not right, then act but at the right time and place

For now just focus on your own goals and life, just see life as it comes in its face

We started out with the comparison of Modi and MMS so let us again one time come back

No one is better or worse, everyone has some qualities and some everyone does lack

The debate of such a comparison is itself useless, everyone should be given a chance

Let us not limit our consciousness but let it universally expand, grow and enhance

From this small debate let us take a lesson that spirituality can be seen in all aspects

For it is something which can encompass your entire life, in everything and all respects

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