Truth about ghost video: Fake or Real

Truth about ghost video: Fake or Real

Metaphysics Knowledge is a platform where we tend to spread authentic information about metaphysics, spirituality, religion and paranormal. The subject of metaphysics is not an exact science so it is very difficult to differentiate the wheat from the chaff and given the place like the internet, where anyone can post literally anything, it becomes all the more difficult

So we try to verify facts and news in an attempt to combine metaphysics with modern science and logic and separate the chaff of superstition from the genuine stuff. It may not be always possible but still we try

The Ghost Video

The news which we have taken up today is that of a video supposedly having been shot in Brazil and which is getting viral on the internet these days (at the time of publishing this post). So we thought we should analyze and review the video for the sake of our viewers and try to see whether it is real or fake with an open mind

Firstly you can watch the video and then read the analysis below:


An objective analysis

As we mentioned we will not jump to conclusions but try to analyze it. Most people who are believers simply believe and those who dont will find flaws but let us keep an open mind and try to see both sides of the coin

Is it real?

The scenario seems quite natural unlike a video which has been doctored as there are natural elements and sounds

The door does not have much of a handle where anyone could stand and bang it with such force and frequency

There is no place behind the door except a fire hose or something so if someone was standing and banging, his or her legs would have been visible behind the slamming door in the video

Brazil does have a history of haunted places and ghosts, so it is not a new incident in Brazil.

Reasons for doubt

Between seconds 47 to 52 of this video, the lights go off completely. Why? Is it that someone was standing behind the door and slamming it and the lights were switched off to make him go offscreen, 5 seconds are more than enough to get out of the shot

A bike sound is heard so may be someone is escaping or just normal traffic on road alongside but would need to know the actual geographical location of site

If the posters of original video were so confident, they could have given full info of date/time of info and other details

It is personal opinion but in such a situation, only very brave people could try to venture into the corridor so possibly the guards did not believe in ghosts or they already knew what is going on as it was planned


well, as for the conclusion we leave it to the readers without giving any authoritative view. One can only get to know more if one visits the place, checks out the location of the morgue, interviews the two people who took the video and combine all the facts to decide. Till then, based on the info just given in the video, the above is the best analysis that we could have done

We do not spread superstition but you can read our post of whether ghosts exist. In fact Saints and Sages of all religions say that if God exists, the negative forces exist too but for anyone in touch with the positive forces, one should not be afraid of anything

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The video for this post has been taken from a Youtube Channel for the purposes of analysis for this post

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