Ram Temple or Babri Masjid: The Debate

Ram Temple or Babri Masjid: The Debate

Friends as you all know, we at Metaphysics Knowledge try to stay away from controversies much less any political issues. Yet there are some things on which a reaction and opinion is necessary.

Ram Temple or Babri Masjid

As most of our readers must be aware, the recent changes have lead to resurgence of the issue of Ram Temple vs Babri Masjid and the debate is again catching up.

We will try to give our opinion on this issue without going into the political details from the perspective of a common man. Of course when we say common man, we do not mean a meek humble citizen who is just worried about survival but rather an active, informed person having strong values, dedication for purpose and an opinion on things.

The History

If we talk of history, whatever happened few centuries ago or few decades ago in the form of demolition of the temple or demolition of the mosque respective is long gone.

They were grave offences at the time they were committed but generations have passed since those incidents. Are we still to carry enmity in our hearts and minds due that.

Remember what the sages and saints tell us. Keep a pure mind and an open heart. Respect all religions and speak ill of none.

The Current Scenario

So what is the solution to the current issue. Although it might seem a very trivial and oversimplified solution, the fact of the matter is that the things are not complicated as they are seem to be made.

The best solution would be construct an all faith structure at the place which has idols and representations of all the major faiths not only of India but of the entire world.

A similar place exists in the capital city of New Delhi by the name of Bahai Lotus temple which is not connected to any specific religion.


The above video gives a brief talk about this idea. Do comment, share and like if you want to play your role in spreading this message…

We have always spread the message of hope, unity and you can check out our post related to the Holy Puran vs The Quran which gives this very message.

True spirituality has nothing or at least very minimal to do with religion and there are many people who are spiritual but not religious, though there is no harm in being religious as it is the basis of faith of the masses who do not have the time, energy or intentions to go deep into spirituality so it acts like gross spirituality to them, as long as it is not misused by leaders for their own gains.

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