World Sparrow Day 2017

World Sparrow Day 2017

Let us pledge on this day that we will do our own very little bit

If we have to save this lovely bird, we cannot just watch and sit

The sparrows are dying, due to man made phenomenon, becoming rare

If you want to keep them alive, just act and show that you worry and care

Keep a bowl of water outside your house, but just keep at some height

So that predators dont catch them, also make sure you fly less kite

The transmission towers, the radiation, they are all taking their toll

There needs much to be done, there has to be an all inclusive opinion poll

Technology is separating us from nature, it is detaching us from the root

Earlier these birds were not so endangered, even when people did shoot

Today there are laws to protect but the very technology is killing

It needs a bit of understanding, it needs a lot more habit drilling

We are too busy, yet everyone and anyone of us can do our tiny part

It is not that difficult, just give it a try once, at least once you start

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