Rahu Dosha Nivarana

Rahu Dosha Nivarana

Rahu is not actually a planet that you can find in the solar system. It is basically a mystical body that exists in Hindu astrology. There is a story about how Rahu was created. Rahu was an Asura (demon). After the amrit was extracted from the sea the devtas (good deities) and the demons gathered to taste it. The devtas got the first share of the amrit and the demons were told to wait. Rahu thought that all the amrit will be consumed by the devtas and nothing will be left for the asuras.

The Amrita

One who drank the amrit would become immortal. That is why Rahu went and stood with the devtas. One of the devtas recognised that it was Rahu and not a dev. However, by that time Rahu had already consumed the amrit and there was nothing that could be done. Lord Vishnu was dressed up as a woman as he was distributing the amrit among the Gods and the demons.

Causes of Rahu’s Condition

Lord Vishnu got very angry at the impatience of Rahu and he took out his Sudarshan Chakra to behead Rahu. Lord Vishnu also decided that he would not give the amrit to any of the demons who were present there because Rahu had cheated. So Rahu now had his head and body separate. He was alive because he had the amrit.

Everyone went to Lord Shiva for Justice. Lord Shiva said that Rahu was guilty of cheating. Thus he will be doing rounds of the sun like a planet and his head will be called Rahu and the body will be called Ketu. That is exactly why Rahu and Ketu can be found only in the vedic astrology but they do not exists in astronomy.

Negative effects of Rahu

Rahu can have a lot of negative influences in the life of the people. It is considered to be a planet in astrology and is a part of the navagraha (9 planets). As we already mentioned the story of Rahu his qualities are scheming and manipulating. One of the eight sections or prahars in a day belongs to Rahu and is called the Rahu kaal.

In this time people are advised not to do anything auspicious. If you have already started a work then no issues but nothing new must be started at this time. The colour that is associated with Rahu is black and the stone associated with it is called the black gomed. Some people are born in the mahadasha of Rahu. This happens when Rahu is present in the nakshatra of the individual when he or she was born.

This can cause some qualities to grow in a person which otherwise he or she would not have. It can make a person very successful and focused. On the other hand it can create a sense of chaos in the life of the individual. Some people who are not born in the mahadasha of Rahu might get affected by the Rahu’s dosha. This happens when Rahu enters the horoscope of the person and starts to rule all the other planets. This time is not good and can cause a lot of problems in the life of the person. Rahu dosha can last for as long as 18 years.

During this time the worst phase is the first few years when Rahu dosha started. It can cause a sudden unrest in the life of the person. There will be times when Rahu will be strong and sometimes it will not be able to make much difference to you. There will be ups and downs in the position and strength of Rahu as that is influenced by the other planets. Health issues are commonly associated with Rahu dosha.

Things will happen that you do not have any control on. It can be a very bad time for people. Well there is a silver line to Rahu dosha too. Many feel that Rahu ensures that the person it affects will get money from unexpected sources. Rahu can give people a lot of money and material possessions. When the Rahu dosha is about to end it does something very good to the person.

Remedies for Rahu dosha

We will now move on to the remedies that you can follow in case you are suffering from Rahu dosha. The goddess you need to worship is Durga. She has a lot of powers and she was created to fight the demons that are exactly why Rahu can only be controlled by her. You can listen to Durga Chalisa on Fridays or visit the temple of goddess Durga near your house.

Goddess Durga can bless you with the strength to fight with all the hurdles that Rahu can create in your life. As we said that a certain time in a day is Rahu kaal and it keeps changing from one day to the other. During the Rahu kaal you can ensure that you light a lamp in front of the goddess Durga and ask for her blessings. She will definitely bless you with the ability to deal with Rahu and reduce the impact of Rahu in your life.

Pooja for Rahu dosha

There are some priests who can perform the Rahu dosha nirvana puja. You can contact these priests and see that the problems that are occurring in your life due to Rahu and taken care of. This puja is suggested only for those who have Rahu in a very bad position as a result it is disturbing the life of the person to a great extent. If the problems that you are facing with Rahu are minor then you should follow the first few remedies that we have mentioned.

We hope that this article on Rahu dosha will help you to understand how you can deal with the issues that you are facing in life due to Rahu. Rahu can really disturb the flow of your life and cause problems in your life. If you follow these remedies you will notice that it is changing the situation in your life. However, please do consult a good astrologer and try to understand what is the problem that you are facing and how bad is Rahu in your horoscope.

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