Stuff dreams are made up off

Stuff dreams are made up off

We have often dreamt and we dream every day. Sometimes we wish that dreams come true and sometimes we wish that perhaps this dream we had should never come true. Why do we dream at the first place? Dreams have been with man since eternity and it will be there with us forever.

The power of dreams

Dreams can take us to the future, they can remind us of a memory long forgotten or sometimes they can just help us to solve a problem. People who sleep well dream a lot. Some people do not dream at all.

Dream is a magical word that perhaps helps us to look forward to the future. In dreams you can be everything that you want to be. A dream can take you far away into the world of imagination. Some say that people who do not have dreams have nothing. It is not important if you dream big or small. What is important is that you dream.

As a child we dream that we got the toy we always wanted. As a teenager we dream about our crush. As an adult we can dream about our children, about buying a dream home, etc. As an old person when we have lived almost all of our lives, the only dreams can be of the good old days.

What science says?

Science claims that they know a lot about the human mind and the dreams we see. On the contrary there are many things about the dreams that even science cannot answer completely. We in the previous few articles have tried to talk about the different types of dreams and how far it can take us. In this article we will try to look at some more interesting aspects of dream clairvoyance and telepathy.

A mind creation

We all feel that dream is a creation of the mind. Some say that dreams are created by us and some say that they just come to us from somewhere. In dreams our subconscious mind is very active that is exactly why in dreams we can see and feel things that we cannot do otherwise.

Some of us remember the dreams we have had and some of us do not remember the dreams. Some people feel that they often have a feeling of déjà vu. Dream analysts feel that déjà vu is also a product of dreams. In déjà vu we feel that this incident has happened to us before. This is because we have lived this moment in our dreams before.

Some people who have a powerful sixth sense often feel déjà vu more than the others. Is it that the mind is trying to tell us about something that is about to happen so that we can prepare accordingly? Have we underestimated the ability of the human mind and there is more to dreams than what we feel.

Dream daily and materialize it

There is a theory that says if you dream daily about something. You will get it. Many people have said that this does happen. When you seriously want something and dream about getting it some strange forces work together to ensure that you do get it sooner or later.

Many successful people have also accepted the fact that they desperately wanted to get fame and would always dream about the same and finally they got it. When it happens you feel that you are actually living in your dream world. We do hope that all the dreams of our readers do come true.

A true story

Once a couple who were married for 30 years were separated by death, the woman was old and was living alone in the house. She was missing her husband and was lost about the future. She had no idea where the money was and how she would live all her life. Even before she realised she dozed off.

In her dreams her husband appeared he told her about some insurance papers that were kept in the cupboard and he also instructed her that she would be required to do only two signatures. She was not very educated and was not aware of insurance procedures but this instruction helped her and she was surprised at the fact that the agent actually told her to do only two signatures on the paper. After that she never had such a dream. She would dream of her husband but none would be as specific and vivid as this. Was this just a dream or it was a case of dream clairvoyance?

Another incident

A young soldier died in the war and he had a family left behind. The family consisted of a young wife and two small kids. The wife was completely lost as they did not have enough money and she did not know how to manage the situation.

One night she put the kids to sleep and then she slept thinking about how she would manage with so less money. In her dreams her husband appeared and he told her that he had once given money to a friend and she can ask that friend for money. He will help her not only the money that was given to him but he could also provide a little more.

The next day morning the wife was getting ready to go meet the friend of her husband who lived in another city when the bell rang. She opened the door and was surprised to see that the friend of her husband himself had come. She made him sit and offered him tea.

The man lived in another city and in those days there was no way he could know about the sudden death of his friend. The man said that last night he had a dream that was similar to the dream that the woman had. In his dream his friend appeared and he told him about his death. He also told him to go meet his wife and give him the money that he had taken on loan from him. The friend also requested him to give some additional money if possible and to take care of his family. The friend in his dream promised that he would and so the first thing in the morning he decided to leave for his friend’s house.

The woman was shocked and the dreams did come to two people who did not know about each other at all at the same time. Was this a coincidence, a telepathy or was it another case of dream clairvoyance.

Was this a dream or the dead man who could not rest in peace as he had left behind a family without any support and decided that he had to make provision for the future of his children? He came in the dreams and he gave specific details like how much money was lent.

The exact address of the friend and what he was doing it was no way possible for the wife to know all this otherwise. This money was lent out even before they got married. This is indeed a strange incident that no science can explain.


There are many such interesting stories that are told about dreams and that are even documented. Dreams do not always tell us about what we know it also tells us and connects us with people who we love and are no more with us. In Hinduism it is told that before death soul has the power to come and visit one person he or she loved the most.

Many people say that in their dream they saw their mother, father, sister, kids, etc and soon after the dream they got the news that these people are no more. Perhaps the human mind is more complicated that we think it to be or it contains more secrets that we are yet to know about. They say do not underestimate the power of dreams. Perhaps that is so true. In dreams we can do things that are impossible otherwise. Be open to what you see in your dreams and just let your mind take you on a journey to the unknown.  Keep dreaming!

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