Lines of fate: In our own hands

Lines of fate: In our own hands


Those of us who try to change our destiny, and make better our fate

Believe that it all lies in the game of numbers and your birth date

Yet the Saints so say, that fate is not sold at astro shops for a fee

It is the seeds that you have sown in the past, its the resulting tree

So never go and beg at such shops for they cannot help much nor guide

The Almighty only knows what is in store, for a purpose does He hide

Just believe in your own power, in the blessings of parents and sages

This message has been passed on since times immemorial & ages

Whatever you did in the past created your current situation and karma

To go through it gracefully and try to counter it is your only dharma

One day you will find that your efforts have paid off and will rise

You will find such joy and peace, it shall take you by surprise

Fate can be changed through karmas, blessings and hard work

But it cannot be changed by anyone, if the above you shirk

So get up, rise and get going, there is a long journey ahead

Your infinite source is within you, any doubts you just shed

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