Astrology- Houses

Astrology- Houses

The twelve divisions of birth chart or horoscope are called astrological houses. The house position depends upon the exact time of birth date. With the accurate birth time an astrologer can work out these houses and calculate where these astrological planet energies are strong.

Meanings of Different Houses:

First House: This is the rising sign and this is when we see the world. This position is associated with the sign Aries. This describes our physical appearance and our characteristics. We can be recognized by the qualities of the planets in this house at the time of birth.

Second House: This is associated with star sign Taurus. This describes the possessions we will have and our special skills and qualities we can use to achieve these possessions.

Third House: This house is associated with Gemini and this is what describes our relations with the social world, our siblings and the surroundings. This position determines our early education and the local environment.

Fourth House: This astrological house is associated with our past Karmas, the legacy and values we get from our family. It is associated with Cancer sign. A person, who has strong planetary position here, is able to follow his family roots and values.

Fifth House: This house is associated with our social skills. This house controls our interactions with other people and learning gained through experience and other people’s reaction. This house also determines children of  a person. It is the house of Leo.

Sixth House: This house is associated with the skills that a person possesses to prove beneficial to overall society and not just for ourselves. It is important for the service and work for the community. This house is ruled by the sign Virgo.

Seventh House: This house is associated with relationships and marriage. In this time we learn to respect other people’s personality and make balance. This is also associated with enemies and business partners also.

Eight House: This is the house of Scorpio and it tells us the harsh reality of life, which is death. This house is associated with endings and new beginnings, ability to regenerate or reproduce. It is also associated with money and inheritance.

Ninth House: This is the house which reflects our beliefs, religion and philosophy of life. It associated with overseas travel, exposure and change in our life style due to our experiences.

Tenth House: This house shows our highest ambition, associated with our career and what we will achieve with our hard work and how much we will be recognized by others.

Eleventh House: This is associated with the special friend and companions that a person has. This house reflects the near relations, people with whom one works closely for achieving and work for common goal.

Twelfth House: This house is more associated with our inner strength compare to outer world. This reflects our secret desires, dream and helps us to recognize who we really are. Once we know who we are in a true sense we can work in achieving our higher and true aim. This is the astrological house where we come back to peace from the busy world.

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