Astrology Elements

In astrology there are four basic elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water which enable life to grow and flourish. Each of 12 zodiac signs fall into these four elements and these are as important as zodiac sun signs to determine someone’s characteristics.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire can do good or can be disastrous; it can cook food as well as burn the house also, so it needs to be controlled to be in benefits of others. All fire signs have these qualities. Aries being the first fire sign is the most dynamic one, like a small fire, always ready for adventure. Leo being in the middle wants to be the focus, always in limelight always. Like the sun they are dependable and grand. Sagittarius the last fire sign is very philosophical and most gentle among other fire signs.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water is life, it can be calm and refreshing like a stream and it can bring fury like flood. Water signs are mysterious, complex and most emotional of all signs. Cancer is the first water sign and it is in the most basic form of water, they are helpful, generous, giving but can be aggressive if anyone hurts them or someone they love. Scorpio is the most havoc form of water as they are more like a raging river. They need to be in control and can provide protection to everyone if in control otherwise  can bring havoc. Pisces is the last water sign, more like a small creek and you can change its direction. Pisceans  are very flexible and adaptable people.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth is real. Everything grows and develops on earth. Earth people are very down to earth although they are materialistic and like to possess. They are multi-faceted and generally very dependable, solid and stable. They like a regular life and are not fond of change. Taurus being is the first earth sign, they are the most stable among other earth signs. They like to create harmony and happiness, hold tightly everything that belongs to them. Second sign of earth is Virgo, the least physical sign among other earth signs. They have a highly analytic mind and observe everything very carefully. They live in their own world and are very flexible, helpful and stable. Capricorn the last sign of earth element are much interested in materialistic possessions. They tend to be very mysterious and deep. They are mostly involved in their work and other important things in life.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air is the most important thing for fire, earth and water. Air people are very unpredictable just as air pressure can rise and fall in a minute. They cannot stay in one position, they like to be free and uncontrolled. Although they have new ideas but they lack emotions. Gemini the first sign of air element is more like a wind known for its qualities of being wild and explorer. They want to know everything and everybody who comes on their way. Libra is like air which is essential for life, they like balance and harmony. Aquarius the highly unpredictable are the most advance thinkers in all zodiac signs and elements. They like to bring change in the world and in the future of mankind.

Armed with this basic knowledge about the various sun signs, know yourself and the people around you better. Keep reading for more!

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