Astrology – Moon Signs

What are Moon Signs?

Concepts associated with sun signs are the most commonly used these days but as per Hindu astrology, moon signs are as important as sun signs. Moon sign rules over the mind where as sun sign rules over the soul. Moon signs reflect more on your personality traits and overall life situations. The Moon sign of an individual is in the position of  the moon of an individual at the time of an individual’s birth. The moon has an impact on human emotions, feelings and moods just as it has an impact on tides in seas and oceans. A new moon brings energy whereas full moon decreases energy.

Moon sign for different zodiac signs:

Aries: People born under this moon sign are very determined, passionate and energetic. They like to be independent and get bored if confined to a single activity.

Taurus: The moon in this sign makes a person determined, emotionally-stable and strong-willed. These people do not like change and sometimes become slaves of routine. They like to live a comfortable and luxurious life.

Gemini: Persons born under this moon sign shows multiple qualities in their personality. They tend to be talkative, emotionally-adaptable, ready to change and witty. They like change and jobs in media, travel and sales suits them. They are flirtatious by nature and like to change their partners from time to time.

Cancer: The moon is the owner of cancer sign; thus having a very unique impact on qualities of people born under this sign. Cancer sign people are very emotional and understand other peoples feelings well. Family life is very important for them.

Leo: People born under this sign are natural leaders; they like to dominate and control others and at the same time they sacrifice their needs for justice. They are nature lovers and have all the qualities to be in a managerial position.

Virgo: People born under the Virgo moon sign are clear headed, logical and communication is their strong point. They are very critical and analyze every relation and situation which can be a problem for them sometime. They are always planning for future events.

Libra: The moon in the Libra sign makes for a balanced personality. They are creative, social, friendly and courteous. Family and home is important for them.

Scorpio: Lunar Scorpios as they are called are very energetic and forceful; they use intelligence to get things done. They are spiritual and like to be with partners who have the same thoughts.

Sagittarius: People with moon in Sagittarius sign are enthusiastic, risk takers, love freedom and they cannot stay trapped. They are honest and like justice for everyone. They like to travel, meet new people and make friends.

Capricorn: People born under this moon sign have tremendous management skills. They can be good administrators and are ever ready for healthy competition. Safety and security are very important for them. They can handle their emotions very well.

Aquarius: Lunar Aquarians have humanitarian qualities and likes to do good to others. They are very religious as well as philosophical. They are quick learners and observant. They are very proud of their family and give freedom to others.

Pisces: Moon in this sign makes a person very down to earth and sensitive to others. They sometime get depressed if someone is in trouble from their family. People with this moon sign can be good promoters and detectives.

Moon signs are an important part of astrology. They give an insight into a very different aspect of individuals – emotions which further has an impact on the intellect and decision making power of an individual.

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