Yoga For Kidney Problems

Yoga For Kidney Problems

Kidney is one of the most critical organs in your body.  We often neglect this vital organ. In this article we would like to discuss the many types of yoga for kidney problems in order to ensure a better and healthy life. As we grow old the kidney starts to grow old too as a result it gives a lot of health trouble. The yoga for kidney can be started at a much younger age so that one do not develop any major kidney related problems.

Yoga for Kidney Problems

Yoga for Kidney Problems

The functions of kidney are:

  1. Regulate water supply to the body.
  2. Remove waste from the body and
  3. Produce hormones that help to keep blood pressure in control.

When you do yoga for kidney problems you can ensure that:

  1. Health of kidney improves
  2. The chances of developing kidney cancer and stones in the kidney also reduce.
  3. If you ever had a bad lifestyle doing the yoga for kidney can help you to live a better life.
  4. It is highly recommended if you have kidney related health issues in the family.
  5. This yoga for kidney must be done by both men and women.

The yoga for kidney must be done keeping the following points in mind:

  1. Must be done early in the morning.
  2. The yoga for kidney must be done for at least 15 minutes a day in empty stomach. Can be done for longer duration too as per the time you have in hand.
  3. The yoga for kidney must be done on regular basis try not to give a break to the routine for better results.
  4. Learn the poses well from the experts so that you do not practice it wrong.

The different yoga for kidney poses are:

  1. Crane poses – This is not a very easy yoga pose. We recommend that you learn it from an expert before you practice it. You have to lift the whole body using just your hands. This will make your body look like a crane. The toes and buttocks should be lifted up in the air. Your gaze should be in front. This yoga asana is very helpful for the health of the kidney.
  2. Crescent lunge – In this asana spread your legs. One leg should be placed just behind the other one. You must hold your hands straight towards the sky. Hold the chest and the belly in a tight position as you inhale air. Close your eyes to feel the pressure that is being created. The asana is a very helpful one. You must repeat it with both the right and the left legs. It can also help to improve the health of the spine. Ensure that you stretch as much as you can and hold the position as long as you are comfortable and then release.
  3. Chaturanga – This is also called the low plank yoga asana. In this asana you must lie on your stomach on the floor. Using your hands lift your body. Try to hold your stomach tight as you do this yoga pose. Hold on the pose as long as you can and then slowly release the breath and get back to the original position. In this pose again the muscles of the stomach area and the hip area gains strength.
  4. Side Plank – in this pose you need to lie down on one side. Using your hand and the edge of your foot stretch one hand towards the sky. Keep your glance towards the sky too. Your bottom and hip should not touch the ground. Hold this pose as long as you can. This yoga again improves the strength of the hip muscles.
  5. Warrior poses – In this pose you must spread the legs and stand. The front knee of the toes should be pointed in the forward direction. Now stretch your hands sideways. You must fix your gaze on the tip of the fingers. This strengthens the power of the kidney.

You can follow these yoga asana with Shavasana for better results. We hope that this article on yoga for kidney problems will help you to understand the importance of these yoga asanas and how exactly they can help you to live a better and a more healthy life. Do keep the points that we have made in the article in mind and ensure that you practice the yoga for kidney on a regular basis.

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