Manipura, Solar Plexus Or Third Chakra: Balancing & Benefits

Manipura, Solar Plexus Or Third Chakra: Balancing & Benefits

We have already discussed about the first two chakras and their significance. Today we will discuss about the third chakra balancing and the benefits to be obtained from it. This chakra is also called the solar plexus chakra or the manipura and these terms have been used interchangeably throughout this post. It is considered to be one of the most significant chakras in the body. This chakra is located in the spine just a few inches above the belly button. You can note the approximate position from the adjacent picture of the human body.

Sphere of Influence of Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra

The third chakra is responsible for many things. It primarily controls ambition, will power and action. If there is some disappointment, shame and embarrassment then this chakra starts to become weak. This is when we have to work to make the chakra stronger. Physically this chakra controls liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach and pancreas. If there is some concerns with the third chakra then one may suffer from diseases that are related to these organs.

Third Chakra Balancing Manipura

Manipura Chakra Location

Third Chakra Balancing and Healing

The first step before we move to the healing of the third chakra is to understand the problem that one is facing. If the third chakra is weak then you will face some significant problems.

The first problem is that you will feel powerless. You will become very submissive and listen to all that is being told to you.

The second indication is that you will feel embarrassed at small things. You will worry a lot about what others think of you. You will also fail in things and start blaming yourself for all the problems that you are facing in life.

The third issue could be that you will feel threatened. You will feel like running away from facts. You will try to stay within yourself. These will make you more confined and secluded. The fear of the unknown will slowly and steadily engulf you and you will feel helpless. Those with a weak third chakra do often complain of stress and failure. They feel that they are not able to achieve their potential.

Physical Ailments from Weak Solar Plexus Chakra

Apart from the emotional and mental traumas that we have mentioned above there are some physical ailments that you can face when you have a weak third chakra. These problems can be digestive problems, any disorder with liver, gallstones, pancreas, etc. You can also face disorders like diabetes and hypoglycaemia.

Healing of Manipura Chakra

Now that we have listed all the symptoms of a weak third chakra we will move on to how you can improve the strength of this third chakra. There are a few steps that you can take when healing this chakra.


The first step that you must take toward healing this chakra is reflection. You should try to keep calm and look within and connect with your own self. Do not blame yourself for any situation – nor anyone else – but just accept things. This does NOT mean to be lethargic and accept everything as destiny and not trying for the betterment but only means that do not take any stress about it. Give life your best but if it does not come upto your expectations do not worry yourself about it and spoil your health and peace.


In this stage focus less on the accomplishment and try to think more about the contribution. Contribution is what the soul can do. This is exactly why you must concentrate in this. This is the factor that you can control. Whereas accomplishment is a factor that is governed by life so you cannot control that much. The accomplishment is the reward that depends on factors beyond our control. Contribution is what we are doing and how best we can achieve the same. You must refer to the lines in Bhagwad Gita that say you must keep doing good deeds and your best without thinking of the outcome.


The above two steps are just the beginning and the real healing journey of the solar plexus or third chakra begins after that. We carried an informative post about the power of sound, do read that and find out how sounds can change your life. Try chanting anything you are comfortable with or do it with a particular sound like “Aum or Om”. You can also visualize a bright light that is coming out of the spine or the third chakra itself. Then imagine this light moving to all the organs and healing the body. This will help you to relax and also help in improving the third chakra.


Please note that doing certain types of Pranayama might require expert advice or supervision especially if you have heart problem or are pregnant or not fully well. So take these guidelines as general guide and not to be following without thinking.

Bhastrika Pranayama:

There are many variations in Bhastrika Pranayama based on the lineage of the teachers and so forth. yet we are presenting two popular variations or version and you can choose any one as per your convenience and suitability. Many consider this pranayama as a mixture of Kapalbhati and Lom-Viloma which have become household names these days.

Variation 1

Take a deep breath that will reach the third chakra (naval region) and then slowly breathe out. Your belly expands and contracts in the above procedure. Infact this is compared to that of bellows.

There is no right speed and you can adjust as per your capacity. In the begining your speed will be much less and you can increase with time but never do more than you feel comfortable as may prove to be more dangerous than useful. If you have any problem doing this exercise then stop immediately.

A video by Anna from DavannaYoga below shows this and also the subtle difference between Bhastrika and Kapalbhati

Variation 2

In this variation, the inhalation and exhalation is done through one nostril at a time. For example close your right hand side nostril with the thumb and do it about say 10-15 times based on your capacity. Then shift to the other nostril and repeat the same process.

Keep a look out as we will be uploading specific videos for these routines soon

Yoga Asanas

There are many yoga asanas which specifically effect the third chakra and we will list a couple of them here.

You need to sit in padmasan (folding your legs) then you are required to lift your hands. Now bring the index finger and the thumb close to each other in both the hands. The hands must be in right angle. Now rotate your upper body towards the right side. Stretch till you can. When you start turning breathe in and when you have turned completely breathe out. Now come back to the position where you started and turn towards the left in the similar manner. You can hold on to each posture that we have discussed about for forty to maximum sixty seconds. You must not over do this either. This exercise will detoxify your body. It is like a sponge that is removing dirt from your body. This proves very useful in cases where the third chakra needs to be healed.

You can practice Surya Namaskar technique as its good for most chakras including manipura chakra

You can practice Purna Navasana or full boat pose or even half boat pose.

Purna Navasana

Purna Navasana

Ra: The Sun God

It is not without a reason that the Egyptians called Ra or the Sun as the God. Even science knows that the vitamin D obtained from the sun is very useful for the body and helps to generate serotonin and melatonin etc. Without going into the medical or technical details we can simply say that try to get exposure to sun even we dont advice over exposure but it is certainly necessary. Also try to sit and meditate under the sun when it is not very bright. This will certainly rejuvenate your solar plexus chakra with the solar energy.

Oils and Herbs

Yet another remedy lies in using the right kind of herbs and oils for application on the naval region. Peppermint and Ginger are useful in the Manipura chakra healing. You can try to consume these items in your food and you can also use a mixture of oil mixed with ginger and peppermind oils to massage your stomach region especially around the navel.

I hope by reading this article you have got a good idea of what the solar plexus, manipura or third chakra is all about. The remedies that we have given on healing the third chakra will definitely help you to improve your life. These can also help you to lead a healthy life.

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