Chakra Meditation: Mooldhara Explained

Chakra Meditation: Mooldhara Explained

We are going to discuss as to what is the first chakra in this article and prior to that we would talk briefly about the chakra meditation themselves. As you know a chakra is a representation of seat of spiritual energy of various types in the human body, located at different physical positions.

Chakra Meditation: 7 Chakras

There are totally seven chakras. These seven chakras form a part of our body. They start from the spine and move till the head. They are portrayed as colourful wheels that look like flowers. Each chakra has a psychic ability.

These seven chakras are present both in front and the back of the body. They work through the body. Each of the seven chakras keeps rotating continuously. The speed and the rate of vibration are different for each of the chakras.

First Chakra

The first chakra rotates at the least speed. The last or the seventh chakra rotates at the highest speed. Each chakra also has a colour of its own. The colours of a chakra are sum up the colours of the rainbow. Each of the chakras is also associated with a particular gemstone. Using this gemstone will improve the functioning of the chakra.

Many people wonder what the significance of these chakras is. Well they are very important. If any one of the chakra doesn’t perform as per the norm the whole balance may get disturbed. The mind and the body will not coordinate properly if the charkas don’t perform well.

Alias Mooldhara

Now that you know about the charkas and how they perform we will now discuss the first chakra in detail. It is also called Mooldhara chakra. It is one of the most important chakras and it is one of the root chakras. It is located at the base of the spine. It is very close to the tail bone, slightly above the anus. In the front of the body it is located at the pubic bone.

This chakra is the one that controls all the six other chakras. It is the centre of the chakra system. It fulfils the need for survival, security and safety. It controls all these factors in our life. This is exactly why it is very strongly related with the contact of man with the mother earth. It helps us to be attached to the ground.

The energy to succeed comes from the first chakra. This is exactly why to gain success in business and material world you must set this chakra in order. To gain materialistic possessions you must keep this chakra in order.

When the first chakra is blocked or is not working properly. The person may feel frustrated and anxious. This is because their life will not be the way they planned it to be. They will not be able to gain success in anything that they are doing. This will lead to mental tension and they will not be able to concentrate.

Problems Cured by First Chakra Meditation

If the first chakra is not working well there may be some physical problems that you may face too. The physical problems include obesity, knee troubles, anorexia, etc. The first chakra controls the sexual organs of a male. If this chakra is not working fine and balanced, the person may face problems with sexual energy. This chakra also controls the lower back and hips. If there is some problem with the functioning of the chakra then you may suffer from back pain too.


The first chakra is represented with red, brown and black colours. These are the colours that are generally associated with this chakra. If you have some issues with the first chakra then you can use stones like Garnet, smoky quartz, black tourmaline and obsidian. These are the different stones that you can use. Each stone has a different function all together. You must consult a good chakra expert. They can suggest which stone you must use. For example if you have a health concern you may have to wear obsidian. If you are suffering from a professional concern then you can use a garnet.

Each problem has a different stone for the first chakra. Another interesting fact is that these stone might be required to be worn around the hip or in any other part of the body. The location of the stone also helps to get better results. This too can be advised by a chakra expert.

I hope you have got a clear idea of what is the first chakra? We will definitely advise that you consult a good chakra expert and get advised on what you should do to get this chakra in order.

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