1500 Years Old Aramaic Bible

1500 Years Old Aramaic Bible

Prelude: Even before you start reading this, let us clarify that we do not wish to offend any particular religion, culture or faith. Rather on the contrary, we at Metaphysics Knowledge always believe in the universality of all religions and try to find the connecting dots which make the complete picture. We all know that Jesus Christ breathed His Last on the cross and this is the basis of Christianity, yet the book claims otherwise.

An Old Bible: New Controversy

It so happened that on a routine investigation operation regarding smuggling of antiques in the Mediterranean region, the authorities seized a book which turned out to be (as per media reports) to be an old version of the Bible about 1500 years old and belonging to one of the unedited versions. Apart from being a rare document valued at about 28 million dollars and is written in Aramic, the language used at the time when Jesus Christ was on this earth.

As per the text written in this version of the Bible, it was not Jesus who was on the cross, but Judas who was hanged while Christ ascended to heaven alive. This has certainly given rise to a lot of controversy. We are not here to comment or dispute on that but want to present our thoughts from a different perspective.

The Symbolic Significance

We believe that irrespective of the fact whether Jesus was on the cross or ascended to heaven alive, the fact of the matter is that He was a great sage and an actual Son of God in the very true sense of the word. Infact the beauty of true spirituality lies in the fact that all human beings irrespective of their origin, nation, caste, creed or colour have the capability to arouse the spirituality within and get liberated.

If we closely examine, the great sages and saints of all religions, faiths and sects have preached the same thing over and over again. The message could be different based on their particular time in history when they were on the earth and the receptivity level of the public masses of those times.

The Scientific Basis

One should not go deep into such controversies about the Masters but basically one should try to follow the teachings and implement in our own lives. Then only we can reach for the ultimate goal which is to connect with the God or soul within and true liberations occurs in that way. Even scientifically speaking all human race is made up from similar material so what is the point in arguing over such things.

Aramic Bible

Aramic Bible

Most people spend their entire energies in trying to prove that their faith or religion is bigger than others or only their prophets and sages were true. Actually you can consider the religions to be like schools or universities. You might study at any university under good professors and you will gain knowledge and progress in life.

Similarly based on your birth, your family, country and circumstances you can keep following whatever religion you want as per convenience or whatever suits your mentality and you can surely progress in that.

Jesus On The Cross?

You take the name of any preacher, teacher or sage in the world from any religion, sect, faith or culture. No one has ever taught hatred, violence or intolerance. It is only their so called followers which create problems in the name of their beliefs.

Similarly instead of trying to prove or disprove that whether Jesus was on the cross or not, they should try and follow the great teachings and ideals that He represented and lived all His life. He walked amongst the poor, sick and the needy and did not shy away from helping anyone.

Surely if Jesus Christ were to come back today, He would ask his disciples to follow his example and teachings rather than argue over them. Same holds good for all other faiths be it Prophet Mohammad, Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Gautama Buddha and so forth

We hope this will inspire you to develop a more tolerant and wider view about other faiths, religions and rise above such differences.

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