Astral projection experiments done by Monroe

Astral projection experiments done by Monroe

Today we will discuss about the astral experiments that were done by Monroe. He was an astral expert and did have some interesting experiences. He lived a normal life like we do but he was always keen on understanding what the astral projections were all about and how he could make the most of these projections. He tried these experiments in normal life and with his friends as well as family.

Some examples

For example, once Monroe’s female friend was out on vacation to a beach cottage. He wanted to see if he could go and meet her in his astral body. He knew that she was in Miami but he did not know exactly where she was. He got into the second body of his with an intention of going and meeting his friend.

All of a sudden he found that he was in a place that looked like a kitchen. After sometime he saw that his friend was sitting there with two more people. He wanted to do something so he pinched his friend and she cried out loudly. Soon after that he left. When his friend got back to office he went to her and asked what she was doing on Sunday afternoon. His friend casually replied that she was doing nothing just sitting in the beach house with her niece and they were talking about cola. Monroe then asked her if she felt a pinch. His friend looked bewildered and said “was that you” and she showed him a bruise mark on her body. It was a big bruise and red. Monroe had not realized that he had pinched her so bad.

More experiments

Monroe did these experiments more than often. He said that with the astral body one can reach the different planes of reality and these were called local one, two and three according to him. Local one according to him was the physical world that we were living in. Local two was the thought world and that was the world to which the astral body actually belongs.

The third local is the world that interpenetrates the physical world we see around us. All these levels have infinite reach and we can go anywhere we cannot even imagine. Local two is very important because it contains both the heaven and the hell. Here one can see creatures that they cannot actually see anywhere else.

Astral Experts image

These are created by the thoughts of a person. Monroe said that as one keeps practicing the astral projections they can move to each local level slowly and gradually. Monroe says that science is not as old as the earth itself so science too cannot understand what is happening in the local three. Here you can also live a life that is very different from the life that we live on earth.

The first book

The first book of Monroe was published in 1971. It is not that science has completely disagreed with what Monroe was talking about. As per science even quantum physics believes that there are many more universes like the one that we live in. We know that they exist but we have not actually been to any of them.

It is quite possible that people like Monroe who is expert in astral projection and they could take the form of OOBE’s and travel to these universes that are far. They could also experience the life there and that is perhaps what Monroe talks about in his book. There is a transition that needs to be done for moving from the life we are in to the life in another universe. This transition is perhaps possible only with the help of astral projections.

Experiments by Fox

We will now move on to an experiment that was done by Fox once. He was in his astral body when he felt that his physical body was calling him back. He decided that he will take the experiments to a new level and he decided that he will deny entering back to his body. He wanted to see what happens if he does not get back to the physical body of his. He could feel the pull and the pain in his head but he refused to go back.

He claims that this decision gave him an experience that he would never forget all his life. He was dreaming and he was in a beach. He knew that it was time to go back but he refused. He could see his bedroom as well as the beach he was in clearly. The pain in the head was only increasing but Fox was adamant he wanted to see what happens to him at the end of this experiment.

After a while this pain in his head stopped and he felt as if he was absolutely free from his physical body and there was no pull. He started to get scared. He soon saw that a father and a son came running towards him and then they passed through him as if he did not even exist. He could only see the beach and nothing else. He was lost. After a while he saw another person and asked the time but this person too did not hear him.

Fox now started to get worried. He had a fear that perhaps his physical body will be declared dead and people might as well bury it. If the physical body is buried before time what will happen to him and will he have to live the rest of his life in the astral body. Fox now tried hard to get back to the physical body but nothing happened. He remained in this state for a long time and he started to worry for how long he has been in this state he had no idea.

He wanted to get back to his physical body desperately and he started to cry. When suddenly he felt a pull again and the next thing he knew was that he was in his physical body and he was glad that he survived this experiment. However, he soon realized that his physical body was paralyzed and he had to be in this paralyzed state for some time and only after that he could move his fingers and hands. This was a very exciting and scary experiment for Fox.

We do not know if he ever tried to do an experiment like this before. He did mention after this that what he did was wrong and when the physical body pulls back the astral body it must come back immediately. The astral body owes its existence to the physical body and without the physical body the astral body will be absolutely lost.

Muldoon experiments

Muldoon is another astral expert who has written about astral projections but Muldoon has never made attempts on some very strange experiments like the ones we have mentioned above. He tried to keep the experiences natural and gave himself the time to go with the flow of the situation and not try to break the natural flow.

If we look at the mind boggling experiments that are now an important part of the astral studies there is no way that one can term the astral projections as mere figment of imagination. There is definitely something about the astral body that we have never really thought about and we must thing about them seriously.

If we want to understand how it can affect our life today and also in the future. There are many more such experiments that were done in the field of astral projection by experts over a period of time. We hope that the readers will find this article informative. We will try to discuss more aspects of the astral projections in our articles that we will be discussing in the future.

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