The Straight Path To God

The Straight Path To God

The path to reach God is pretty simple and straightforward against the perception

Those who describe it as curved and complicated are creating an illusion, a deception

For nothing is more nearer to your own self, your true self, that is your own soul

To reach that and complete the journey successfully shall be your main motto and goal

This is the message that prophets across the ages have been passing to mankind all along

That you do not need to do something extraordinary but can can just sing a pretty song

Be faithful to your belief though do not be dogmatic but remain absorbed in your own

For only those seeds will grow with abundance, on a quite mind field which are sown

The rest is just the outward rush, there is no end to the hassles and works in life

Otherwise you will be pursuing two paths, you will be walking on the edge of a knife

Yet there is the easy way, to just meditate wherever you are in life, just keep cool

You will reach the goal, if you work hard, even if you dont attend any spiritual school

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