Pitri Dosha Nivaran: Ancestral Gresh Dosha

Pitri Dosha Nivaran: Ancestral Gresh Dosha

Pitri dosha is a common problem that is often found in the horoscope of people. Let us try to understand what exactly the Pitri dosha is all about and how we can deal with the problems of Pitri dosha.

What is pitra dosha?

Well the ninth house of the horoscope is considered to be the house of fortune. It is a very important house and many things in our life actually depend on this house. This house is called the house of the forefathers or the pitra.

Pitra means father in Sanskrit. If Sun or Rahu form a conjunction with this house then the person is considered to be suffering from Pitri dosha. In simple terms if Sun and Rahu are placed in this house the effects of this house on the person starts to reduce.

Rest in peace

In Hinduism it is considered very important that the deceased person attains peace. The soul of the deceased must rest in peace. If it does not then it will keep haunting and troubling the rest of the families and sometimes even the generations to come.

Suppose there was an ancestor of yours who died and his or her last rites were not done well then it is possible that his next generation gets the Pitri dosha. There is also a possibility that if a person in the family died an unnatural death that can include death due to accident, murder, even suicide comes under this category.

Although Pitri means father these unnatural deaths include even the women in the family. In such cases even if the last rites were done well there is a possibility that the soul does not get to rest in peace. The departed soul had a lot of unfulfilled desires, at the time of death and thus it cannot rest in peace.

A common dosha

Pitri dosha is a common problem that often appears in the horoscopes of the people. We will try to discuss how you can reduce the impact of Pitri dosha in your life. Rahu is considered to be the main cause of Pitri dosha in any horoscope.

For example if you have Pitri dosha in your horoscope you will face a lot of problems in life. As the Pitri dosha directly affects the house of fortune you will notice that you are not getting success in anything that you are doing. You will also notice that you are facing trouble while having babies and in all other areas of life. There are various types of Pitri dosha and we will explain each one of them.

  1. One of the main points of Pitri dosha is that it does not let the next generation to be born. For example if you have Pitri dosha in your horoscope you will notice that there will be unexplained miscarriages that you are suffering from. No male child will be born in the family.
  2. When a person has Pitri dosha in his or her horoscope he or she will not be able to get success in life no matter how much effort they are in putting. They will not get positive results in any aspect of life easily.
  3. Frustration and irritation is again a common problem that is often associated with Pitri dosha. For example if you have Pitri dosha you will see that you are not getting the results that you desire I your work, business or even in any deals that you are getting into. When that happens you will definitely get frustrated.
  4. When a person suffers from Pitri dosha he will attract a lot of negative vibes. People will like to stay away from him and not associate with him. This can cause trouble in professional and personal life.

How to get rid of pitra dosha?

So overall you can see that Pitri dosha is definitely a big problem and it has to be fixed. The next question is how. Well Pitri dosha is not acquired over time. You are born with the Pitri dosha in your horoscope.

When you have Pitri dosha there are lists of remedies that can be used to deal with the Pitri dosha and they are called the Pitri dosha nivarana. When you see that you are facing any of the above problems then you must consult an astrologer and they will tell you if you are suffering from Pitri dosha or you have some other problem.

When you are assured that the troubles you are facing in life is due to Pitri dosha then you must try the following remedies.

  1. On every Sunday after taking bath prepare rice add a little sea salt and curd to it also a little black til. After that facing the north direction say “Sarvo pitro bhaya namaha” this must be recited 11 times and then offer this to the pitras (ancestors). At the end of the prayer tell your ancestors to come and accept the food. Keep the food and don’t look back. After a while when you come back you will notice that the food and water were consumed by the crows. In Hinduism it is a belief that the souls that do not get rest will enter the body of a crow till they get peace. You must do this as long as you can.
  2. The second remedy that we are about to suggest is that of doing a puja to ensure that the ancestors get to rest. This Pitri dosha nivarana puja is done by four priests and is performed for a one whole day. When you do this puja you will enjoy the following benefits:
    1. You will get relief from all the ill effects of Pitri dosha in your horoscope.
    2. You will get relief from all physical and mental problems that you are facing in your life due to the Pitri dosha.
    3. It can give a lot of mental peace and financial stability.
    4. It will ensure that the family ties become more harmonious and you live a more peaceful life.

Pooja for pitra dosha procedure

During the puja of Pitri dosha nivarana a kalash is placed. After placing the kalash the mantras are recited. These mantras are of Ganesh and Navagraha. The puja is conducted for one whole day and you will have to do the pujas of the 64 yogini puja, Ganesh puja, Navagraha puja, avishek, Swasti vachan, you have to do the sankalp.

108 chants of all the planets have to be done. As per the traditions in Hinduism all the gods and goddesses have to be invoked into the kalash that you have placed. You have to do the Pitra Aradhana and have to recite the Vishnu mantra japa for 11000 times.

The other mantras include the pitra dosh nirvana mantra japa, tarpan, purnahuti, pushpaanjali, homa and at the end of all this you must distribute food and Prasad among the poor and the Brahmins. A minimum of 8 Brahmins must be given food. They can also be given clothes and money.

Feeding cows and dogs is also considered to be good thing to do after the puja is completed.

Horoscope specific

The puja for Pitri dosha nivarana is more or less the same for all. However, as per your horoscope there can be a few more additions made. That is exactly why we would say that you can do the first remedy if you have a Pitri dosha in your horoscope but the Pitri dosha nivarana puja must be done only after consulting a professional astrologer as it depends on the position of the starts in your horoscope.

The Pitri dosha nivarana puja is done by many priests from all over the country. You can visit a temple and ask the priests that you want to do the puja. It can be done in your house as well as in the temple. There are many priests who can make a fool of those who do not know the actual process of doing the puja so be sure that the priests you are consulting know what they are doing. There are many places in India that are popular for doing this puja and the list includes names like Gaya and Pushkar. If you can visit these places for doing this Pitri dosha nivarana puja you will get much better results.

We hope that you have found this information interesting. Pitri dosha is definitely not a good thing to have in any horoscope and you must try to get rid of it as quickly as you can. Once you are done with the Pitri dosha nivarana you will see that your life is changing fast towards a better and a more fulfilling life. Even if you do not have the Pitri dosha in your horoscope then too you can once or twice a year visit a river and do the puja for ensuring that your ancestors get peace. It is a good habit and we recommend it to all.

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