The Power of Simple Prayer

The Power of Simple Prayer

Prayers are messages that we send to God. We all are taught from childhood that we must pray to god. This is the only way we can communicate to the energy that we have never seen. We will discuss the power of simple prayers now in more detail. We all at some time in life have realised how by making a simple prayer we have received a lot of joy.

Few Powerful Features

The first power of a prayer is that it is simple. It leads us to a divine path. It gives us peace of mind. There are many things that we cannot tell anyone. These things we can share with God. We feel that someone is listening. It is said that prayers are very powerful. If you pray for something form the bottom of your heart.

The universe will listen to your prayers. Universe will ensure that all the energies are channelized in such a manner that you get what you always wanted. It may happen that your prayers are not answered immediately. However, with time you will realise that your prayers are coming true. It may take years sometimes. It may even take a lifetime. However, a true and innocent prayer is always answered.

Let go negativity

When we pray we are letting go of negative emotions. While praying we are closest to god. The divine power is watching us. It is said that when we pray for someone who is nowhere related to us the prayer becomes more powerful. When we pray to god for our parents, friends, siblings the prayer is stronger than when we pray for our own self.

God is there all around us. He is listening to all that we are doing and praying. When the right time comes the prayers are answered. Sometime we get something that we were not expecting. In this we might find hidden answered to all our prayers. We must have faith. God will help those who seek his blessings.


A simple prayer is self less. It is not complex. In a simple prayer should not be for money or power. A simple prayer basically aims at peace of mind, true love and a healthy body. There have been a lot of books that were written about prayers. You must never underestimate the power of true and simple prayers. These prayers can really make a lot of difference to your life and the life of those around you.

Be Patient

There may be some prayers that are not answered immediately. This does not mean that you stop trusting God. When there is a delay in answering your prayers you must know that god is testing you. He will answer the prayers eventually. God has his own ways. We are in no position to understand the ways of god.

Some people ask when we can pray. Well the answer is anytime. God is there listening to all your trouble. Whenever you want to communicate with him you can pray to him or her. It is not necessary that you pray only when you are in trouble. A simple prayer can be done even when all is fine in your life. The power of simple prayer remains in the fact that prayers lead you to salvation and peace of mind.

Be regular

If you want to make your life more religious then you can pray twice daily. Once in the morning and one before you go to bed. You must thank god for the life he has given you. You must appreciate god for his love and blessings. Before you eat you must pray to god for the food that he has given you. These might seem simple and unnecessary. However, these make you humble and help you to appreciate the good things that you have in life.

Helps to concentrate too

Another very effective power of simple prayer is that it helps you to concentrate better. As a child if one gets into the habit of praying they become calm and do better in studies. During prayer time your mind is blank. This helps you to relax your mind. Prayer before you sleep helps you to get a better sleep.

You must at times pray for others too. People you love must be a part of your prayer. The power of simple prayer is very effective and strong. We assure you that once you get into the habit of praying you will soon realise how effective prayers are. The prayers can really change your life. Keep praying.

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