Psychic or Magical Uses of Common Household Items

Psychic or Magical Uses of Common Household Items

When we talk about magic the first thought that comes to your mind is of a witch sitting with a pot and a crystal ball. Well we will now discuss about some magic that you can do in your own home.  They are being practiced all over the world for years. You might remember that you have heard some of these tips from your mothers and grandmothers. We have a long list of items that are easily found in any home and have magical properties. Do try some of these and see the magic that it can bring to your home.


What is Home Based Magic About?

When we talk about magic we mean some minor acts using commonly available things that you can do to improve the aura and the energy level of the house. These can also be used on people and children. Most of them will not have any side effects. There may be some scientific reason behind the magic that is associated with these items. Well we are not here to discuss the science. Because science often kills the magic so to speak. Without wasting more time let us move on to the topic.

Red Chillies

The first in the list of the psychic/magical uses of common household items is red chillies. You can use these to remove a bad nazar. Just take three red chillies in your hand. Move it in three times in the clock wise direction and three times in the anti clockwise direction. Then put these chillies into a fire. This can be done for people of all ages. It will ensure that no evil spirits can come close to your loved ones.

Green Chillies

Take a lemon and seven green chillies. Tie them together and place it on the main door of the house. This will ensure that your house is protected and no one who has bad intentions can enter your house. This is a very common method that is followed in all parts of the country. It is also used in cars and office areas. If you find this lying on the road then never step on it. If you do so by mistake then you must inform your astrologer for a remedy.

An Apple a…

The next in the list of the psychic/magical uses of common household items will be apple. You must have a lot of this fruit in your home. Make a juice of the same. You can use it for taking bath. It can relax your body and also help you seduce. This can be a good trick for women who want to conceive. This can also improve the love life of the couple.


Lavender is another herb that you can easily find in a shop. This is a very good psychic/magical uses of common household items. Use it for shower. You can also keep an item in the house that has lavender essence. This will keep the atmosphere of the house positive and bring a lot of positive energy into the house.

Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi leaves are commonly found in all Indian homes. This is a very useful herb. If you feel depressed and you are getting a disturbed sleep. Take five of these Tulsi leaves and place it under your pillow after seven days you must throw these leaves in the flowing river. This will help you to get rid of the depression. You can try this only once a month.

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are easily found in any home. If you are facing any financial problem in your business then you can try this simple trick. Just soak one of these leaves in water for three days. Then sprinkle it around the place of business. If you are using your laptop then sprinkle a little on that too. This will improve the position of your finances. Similarly to ensure that your financial troubles are sorted out you can take some sindoor and apply it on the forehead of goddess Lakshmi. This will ensure prosperity for you always.

Camphor Tabs

Camphor tablets are very easily available in any store. This is a very powerful item that can be used in a psychic/magical use. Just burn them and spread the fumes all across your house. This will fill the house with positive energy and drive away any buri Nazar if there in the house. This is very commonly used in Indian homes for years.

We hope that you found this small and sweet post on psychic/magical uses of common household items interesting. Do try to use some of these tricks and see the magic that it will spell in your life. Some may feel that these are baseless. Nevertheless, just do them with full faith and devotion. You will soon realise how magical these small tips can be. There are more to the psychic/magical uses of common household items that we could not cover in this one article. Please look out for our next posts to know more about the same.

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