The Right Way to Face Tough Situations

The Right Way to Face Tough Situations


Life is not always a bed of roses but it has its ups and downs. The secret is to face these challenges to the best of our ability rather than being bogged down by them. Age does not matter at all in case but it is the determination of the person. This young lady lost her son and daughter in law in an accident but their kids were alive. So she took on the responsibility of raising them to the best of her ability. Hats off to such determined people who are the true epitome of heroism.


Life presents difficulties to all of us, though in different forms and kind

How you take up these challenges, depends on your attitude and mind

Some people get so dejected, they end their lives, not thinking twice

While others fight it out till their level best, tasting life’s every spice

Look at this young Grandma whose son and daughter in law are dead

Yet instead of giving up, she is taking care of grandkids and their bread

She does her best, never complains, nor does she think of ending her life

That is the true spirit to be in, whenever  you are confronted by strife

We salute the valour of this brave lady, she is a lesson for rest of us all

That a man is only know by his/her determination, he/she should stand tall

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