The Needles of A Clock Teach You Something

The Needles of A Clock Teach You Something

Good Relations

If we want to learn, everything is there to show us and teach

Yet most of us do not want to learn, we just want to preach

Even inanimate objects like needles of a clock signify this

It is not always necessary to be together to experience bliss

The needles of the clock hardly meet one other but are connected

Just feel blessed if for such a life you are made, you are selected

You might travel the universe, still there is a corner of the mind

Where you connect with the object of your admiration, its not a faith blind

For the material universe might have the limitations of space and time

But for the developed soul, it is all myth, it is a secret so sublime

The ancient seers knew the art of telepathy and teleportation for sure

For those were the days when thoughts were not polluted, were so pure

Yet even in this age, we can be like seers and wise men of the yore

You just have to try gently, but from the heart, really from the core

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