Do You Type Amen etc On Such Posts?

Do You Type Amen etc On Such Posts?


Friends, today we will talk about something which is being spread on social sites specially FB nearly everyday I see messages where you are told to type Amen or praise any other Deity else face bad luck. Now this is something which is not true.

It is certainly true that the Gods or Deities do exist and they do bless whoever pleases them, but the word “pleases” is a misnomer if understood in the common usage. Surely the Divine deities cannot be taken for a ride and they see your true determination and efforts and not such things as how much you praise them verbally.

However there is nothing wrong in circulating holy pics but then writing such warnings with them actually reduces their dignity and makes them objects of mockery by many uninitiated folks who make fun of them.

A few lines regarding this habit

We the Gods want to say that please do not make fun of our names

In our name, do not reduce our dignity, do not play such games

Divinity is a matter of practice, you need to meditate and spirituality grow

So hope you get this message and do not spread such fake messages from now

Neither you fight in the name of religion, neither beat each other in name of cow

I am the Lord, the God, the most passionate of anything your could imagine ever

So make sure you do not indulge in this again, no never, no never, no never

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