The Need For Christ Again

The Need For Christ Again

When I see people yearning to fulfill even their basic need

When I see a small child with nowhere to live, noone to feed

When there is a wife not having money to treat her hubby

When people are starving on the street, thinned not chubby


My soul cries out the Lord, where is the creator, why is he hidden

In the midst of the beauties, why even talking so is forbidden

Agreed there are problems associated with body, relations and age

Yet the other problems are entirely human generated on this earth cage

That is why Saints yearn to find the center of joy not in world but beyond

However that path is only for the very few, who are true, dont want to abscond

For the rest of us, it is the path through this hell, we have to make it heaven

Unless there is a single soul so troubled, no reason we can be on cloud seven

Get out of your selfishness, throw away the mortal limitations, expand far and high

For those who are able to think apart from themselves, the limit is just the sky

Today the Earth needs another Christ who walks through the masses, so full of pain

Who does not preach for the sake of possesions, who does not seek any personal gain

O Heavens send your prophet, your messegner, humanity is reeling under its own weight

With love so much less on this planet, there is so much negativity, jealously and hate

Give us the power to stay untouched in this atmosphere, to think beyond our own shell

We do not want heaven, just cure the world of its pain, even if it means enduring hell

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