Should I Watch TV Soaps: *+ Types?

Should I Watch TV Soaps: *+ Types?

You might wonder why this post is being included at this portal related to metaphysics and spirituality. Actually this is a closely related question and the reason will become clearer as you read through.

Entertainment is one of the basic necessities of human life and in the current era, apart from Internet which is one of the biggest pastimes of people, especially the younger generation, TV is another one. There has been a debate whether the constant viewing of soaps and family dramas on channels which we wont name (hint e.g. * +) which portray mostly negative characters and family quarrels are good for

They Are So They Are

Firstly we must say that we are not one of those who just despise everything and anything but we take a very practical and everyday view of such things. Firstly most of housewives in countries like India work very hard day and night and do need a break from their monotonous routine.

Soaps which dramatize the normal family situations are one of the popular past times of these ladies. Of course there are many males also watching them so this applies equally to them as well. There is nothing wrong in watching but as long as you do not get so deeply involved that unknowing you tend to absorb the characteristics of the characters shown in these soaps.

Most of the characters are extremely negative and if very young children are made to watch these soaps, they certainly get affected by such psyche and hence it should be ensure that young kids and children are kept away from such soaps and given a more positive viewing diet.

The Viewing Diet

The term viewing diet might surprise you but the fact is that anything going inside through the 5 indriyas or senses is equally important for the body and mind just like the eatable diet, perhaps even more important.

The TV channels should also act more responsible and stop serving anything and everything under the sun for sake of continuous programs and TRP ratings. The regulatory authorities should also play their role well and ensure that they give a proper rating to such soaps.

The Metaphysical Perspective

Positive and negative things exist in the world, you cannot escape the negative and come face to face only with the positive. This would be very difficult in practical life and make living hell difficult for you. The best way is to remain like a lotus within the swamp of the worldly things and do not hate anything but just avoid the bad effects of such things to not to affect and impact you.

This is only possible if you have a strong fortress of meditation and good karmas which help you to overcome such things. So build you viewing immunity through strong thoughts, willpower and meditation to such an extent that even if you view such soaps, you will not get affected.

It is also important to limit TV viewing to a certain degree because it can effect your concentration of focusing on particular things and this is very crucial for students and young professionals as well. Hence this not only applies to such soaps but to most channels as well. Even if we see 24 hour news channels they mostly repeat the things day in and day out and hence make even trivial news as headlines.

On the whole it can be said that try to minimize if not totally avoid such soaps and even if you watch them, just remember they are just fictional entertainment. We are served crime and negative things in the name of being careful but it only helps to reduce our faith in humanity and make us more doubting citizens. We cannot survive if we keep on distrusting anyone and everyone.

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