Some Vaastu Sleeping Tips

Some Vaastu Sleeping Tips

We are often told that as per vaastu we should sleep in a certain direction and all that details. Let us see how the way we sleep and the direction in which we sleep can affect the quality of sleep that we get and the science that is behind how sleeping positions can affect sleep.

Sleeping toward North

When the head is placed towards the north it is considered to be the worst way to sleep as per vastu. The earth is a planet and it has different magnetic fields. There are many strong magnetic forces acting on the planet. When the body is placed horizontal to these magnetic fields you can immediately feel that the pulse rates of the body reduces.

This leads to the heart pumping more blood and that can cause haemorrhage in the brain. As you grow older the ability of the brain to deal with these haemorrhages reduces and they can turn into a bigger health problem. Sometimes this can lead to stroke also.

Sleeping like this for more than a certain number of hours can make the brain restless and you agitated. Once in a while when you do not have an option and you do this it is fine but if you do this on a regular basis you will definitely suffer.

Towards other directions

The head should be towards the east as you sleep; this will get you the best sleep and will always keep you healthy. You can also try north east as a direction. South maybe but north should be avoided at all costs.

The heart is located at the left side of the body. Heart is the most important organ in a human body because it is pumping blood to all parts of the body. The heart is on left so you should sleep turning towards the left. In India the custom is to move to the right side of the body and then wake up.

When you are sleeping the body is at rest and the metabolism of the body is almost nil. As you wake up there is a certain surge in the metabolism of the body. If you wake up from your left side you will put a lot of pressure on the heart so try to avoid doing this at all cost. vaastu-sleeping-tips

When you are young you will not feel the difference as you grow older you will realise that these small good habits can actually make a lot of difference to your health in the long run. When these rules were made a lot of thought process went into it and we must try to follow the same.

After waking up

After you wake up you must activate the body and the brain as they were in a state of rest. How do we do this? Just take your hands closer and rub them this will create an energy as the palm is filled with nerve endings. Place your hands on your eyes and hold on for sometime.

You will feel the warmth and slowly you will feel energised and get out of the sleeping mode that you are in. My grandparents used to tell me that if you place the palm on your eyes you will be able to see god and it is a good sign to start the day remembering God.

This was partly true and I am sure even you must have heard the same from your parents and grandparents. Do try this and you will realise how effective it can be to help you get out of the sleep mode that you and your body is in.

After you wake up close your eyes and take the name of God. If you want you can also visualise the god you have faith in and this will definitely help your day. It is also not a bad idea to smile and feel positive as you wake up.

Even if you had a bad sleep and you have a long day ahead just follow these tips and we are sure your days will be better and more positive. This is critical for everyone and especially for those who live a very stressful life. Simple things that any one of us can do in order to improve the quality of sleep that we get and it can definitely improve your health to a great extent.

Sleep related problems

Most of us suffer from problems related to sleep. Just keep these points in mind and you can definitely improve your sleep without taking any pills or consulting any doctors. The body knows how much sleep you need and will give you exactly the same. Do not stress yourself by thinking that you are not getting enough sleep and all.

This will only increase your stress and add to health issues. Before you sleep try to avoid watching television or using the laptop. This can affect the quality and quantity of sleep that you are going to get. Preferably read a book or go for a walk. You can even listen to some instrumental that can sooth your mind and body and make you feel more relaxed.

Remember God before you go to sleep and thank him for all that he has given you. You can also write a dairy to sum up your day. This can be a good way to unwind and help you get better sleep. Our mind is always occupied and even when we are sleeping we keep thinking about the tensions and worries in life this must be avoided. When you are sleeping try to forget about all the tensions and worries that you have in life this is the most important thing you can do in order to get a good sleep. So take care of your health and live a good life.

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