Body vs Soul: The Mystic Verse

Body vs Soul: The Mystic Verse


Most of us try to decorate our bodies with perfumes and clothes which are best

Yet this body is only temporal, it does not stand the rigorous time test

Still we forget this fact and try to adore and pacify our bodily desires and passion

Such huge is this industry, which adores the temporal body, known as fashion

It does not mean to say that you do not need to take care of this holy temple

It only means to say that we have to take care of this temporal but unique sample

The super consciousness within is the real driver which makes this body worth

Yet those who realize this truth are in real shortage, there is a huge dearth

Most of the people who represent religion act out of fear, they are mostly fake

It is only the limited few, who have a mind which is calm like a crystal clear lake

If you want to reach God and know your own true self, just meditate day and night

For if you do so, there is no goal you cannot reach, unreachable is not any height

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