How can parents ensure that the kids make most of school

How can parents ensure that the kids make most of school

The summer vacations are on now. In sometime the vacations will be over and the kids will be back to school. We have made the schools so important that we get so stressed with the education system. We will now discuss how we can make schools a better experience for both the kids as well as the parents.

All Around Development

Learning is about development of the child that must be an all round development and not just studies. When we were kids we had a lot of pressure to perform and we feel like putting the kids into the same pressure. This should not be the way we look at life. There are many things that wrong and we had to suffer let us now ensure that the kids do not go t through the same suffering and they start to enjoy life and school.

Discipline First

The most important thing in life is discipline. The kids must be well disciplined and so this will ensure that they become better humans. If you are disciplined you will notice that most of your physical and mental problems will end. Discipline comes from the word disciple in English. Disciple means a person who is learning so discipline also means learning. Discipline as a word has been misunderstood it does not mean to do a thing well all the time it basically means to do the same thing better each time.

Yoga: A way of life

If you can do the same task better with each day you are disciplined. The best way to achieve this is by learning yoga. When you do yoga you will realise how small things are important in life. You will slowly learn the art of perfection. In yoga there is no shortcut each thing has to be done in a particular way itself. A step follows one step and it must be like that all the time. In case you had learned yoga as a child you could have been a more disciplined person. Try to ensure that you teach your kids yoga and make them practice it on a regular basis.


Another misunderstood concept is intelligence. All humans are intelligent. We have been given intelligence so that we can learn to live life better and make the lives of others around us better. all humans have the intelligence that is necessary to live a good life. It is just that some of us get the right opportunity for the intelligence to grow and the others do not. As a parent you must create an atmosphere that is positive and it will encourage the child to be happy and learn better. When you have an atmosphere that supports the growth of the child’s intelligence the child will automatically become smarter.


The child knows how to grow his intelligence but the parents do not understand that. We feel that if a person is a doctor he or she is more intelligent than the ones who are not. This is not right we might have intelligence enough to become a painter or a writer. Even creativity needs intelligence is something that we do not understand.

Passion for Profession

We are not saying that if your child becomes a doctor it is wrong. Doctor is a noble profession the child should take it up only if he or she feels a passion for it. The life of a doctor is terribly stressful and there is no time for anything. The struggle of a successful doctor is huge a child can take this pressure only if he or she has a passion for the profession. The famous actor Naseerudin Shah in one of his interviews said that do become an actor if you feel that there is nothing else you want to do or if there is nothing else that you can think of other than acting.

Passion as Profession

That is passion and unless you have the passion you will not succeed in anything and passion comes from something that is very deep within us. Passion is so strong that no matter how many times you fail you will continue to fight. We all have a different passion and that passion makes the difference to whatever we do. Don’t kill the passion of your child. You will destroy the child. The child can think or dream about impossible things. Let the child dream only then we can have a better and stronger future.

Gadget World

We live in a world that is filled with gadgets. Anything you want to know is there available at the click of a button. One habit that we are slowly forgetting is the habit of reading. It is a very goof habit and it must be encouraged. The parents themselves do not have the time to read so how can they expect the kids to read. Reading can stimulate your brain and can encourage you to think better. Your brain cannot develop effectively watching videos and playing computer games.

When you are reading you are visualising a picture you are going to a different time and a different life all together. The whole experience can be more enriching because you are creating the world. A new world that no one has ever seen and that includes you. Whenever you are feeling depressed or negative thoughts are coming to you just pick up a book that you have not read in years or just start writing your thoughts.

Book Reading Exercise

You will notice that this exercise can make you more positive and more stable. This will make you quieter and help you to pay more attention to things that are more important. You can also encourage your kids to do the same. This is exactly why we say that books are your best friends. When you have a lot of anger and negative feelings within you and you want to share it with someone share it with a dairy that you write. Instead of taking out these feelings on a person because a person may leave you for this but a book or dairy will never.

Own your Responsibility

As you send the kids to school try to ensure that you too follow the points mentioned above and undo the things that you did wrong. It is not easy but definitely possible. As a parent your responsibility does not end in providing a good school to the child you must also ensure that the child can make the most of the school days. Money can get you a good school but it is the quality of time that you spend with the kid that will ensure how the future of the kids shapes up.

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