How Jyotirlingam Are Great Places For Meditation?

How Jyotirlingam Are Great Places For Meditation?

In this article we will discuss how the Jyotirlingam across India are great places for meditation. There are total twelve Jyotirlingam in India. Let us see how these places were designed in such a way that they help immensely in concentration and meditation.

The Universal Do Good Philosphy

All the Jyotirlingam that you see are located in such geographical locations that they become a store house of energy. These were designed to ensure that anyone can meditate in these places and attain the main aim of life that was moksha.

All those who can meditate easily don’t need places like the Jyotirlingam for meditation. These places were specially designed for the ordinary man who has a family to look after. These people have too many things to think about as a result it is difficult for them to concentrate and meditate.

Such people need to go to places like a Jyotirlingam where the energy field is such that they can meditate and concentrate easily. These places were built for the masses to come and experience the connection with the super power and thereby attain salvation.

The Location of Jyotirlingams

Our ancestors must have spent years in calculation to find such spots on earth where Jyotirlingam could have been built. Selecting these spots required a lot of detailed calculation and knowledge of the universe. Even they had to take help from natural forces to determine these places.

There is a close connection and similarity between these places and the energy fields of all these Jyotirlingam is the same. These places were designed with great skills and details making them very powerful and strong.

If you can convert a place or a person to a universal power that can connect with the super power it is called pran pratishta. This was a very complicated science but unfortunately we have forgotten this science.

The Inner Power

Most of the Jyotirlingam in India have been destroyed many times by foreign forces and they have been re developed. However, if you still go to a Jyotirlingam you will notice that it still has the power and strength that it had long back. No forces can destroy the inner power of these places because these places were designed in such a way and the pran pratishta was so strong that you can still feel it there.

Even if you spend a few hours sitting you can feel a very strong vibes. If you know how to utilise the power in these places you can gain immensely from these places and by meditating there. If you can then these places can fill you with positive vibes and your whole system might change for better. 12-Jyotirlingas

All these ancient temples were built for people to walk in feel peace and meditate. However, with time the essence of these temples has vanished and today they have just become places for visiting and tourist spots. All these places have become so commercialised and you cannot feel any peace in there. It is ironical that we have wasted such powerful places of meditation and have turned them into showpieces. Perhaps there is nothing that we can do as of now.

If you want to make use of the power and energy that is present in these Jyotirlingam then do visit these places. Ensure that you have enough time with you. At least try to spend a week in these places. Every day when you visit these temples try to do it early in the morning. Sit as close as possible to the Shivlinga and just take a deep breath. Try to close your eyes and sit there for a few minutes try to sit at least for half an hour. You will gradually notice that the positive vibe of the linga is slowly coming inside you. If you are into meditation then practicing meditation around these lingams can be a very good idea. It will definitely help you to concentrate better and make the most of this opportunity.

We hope that this article on Jyotirlingam will help the readers to understand and appreciate a whole new aspect of these structures. They are indeed very important from religious point of view but they are also equally significant in our spiritual development. These structures basically prove that in Hinduism there is perhaps no difference between religion and spiritualism. Until you are spiritual you cannot reach god. Religious is just a mean to make us spiritual and feel the presence of the super power. No matter how old our civilization and culture is it is this particular aspect of our religion that makes it so timeless and universal in appeal.

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